Friday, January 15, 2010

Me and my crazy ideas

As if I don't have plenty to do these days, I have decided to take on another creative project. It is called Project 365 and the premise is to take a picture every day for a year and journal/scrapbook it. Yah, I know, I am so far behind already, but hey, who cares, it will be neat to look at in the end. Now we aren't world travellers or anything, so the picture will likely just be what is going on in our world that day...some will be more mundane than others, but hey, whatever! Such is life! And if a I miss a day here and there, I won't kill myself over it, I will just fill in with a pic from the day before or after. The hardest part is just having a camera handy when I need one! So here goes!!

1.1.2010...our rockstar. Playing at home with mama's sunglasses.

1.2.2010...Santa brought him a "small" little people farm and he loves it so much, so after Christmas I found the big one for 1/2 off at Walmart and he is having a ball now.

1.3.2010.....he wanted Elmo to sit in the highchair with him

1.4.2010....this morning on the way to the sitter's, he was jabbering up a storm and I realized it will not be long before we are having full -on conversations with each other!

1.5.2010.....worked on christmas thank you cards...hopefully you got your's by now!

1.6.2010....first snowfall of 2010...can you see the snowflakes?

1.7.2010....snow day at home. He was up way early this day and was super cranky. So I was trying to find things to distract we made a backpack (backpack, backpack he sang the entire time) for him which he loved. He looks like he is ready for his first day of school...I almost shed a tear!

1.8.2010.....Famous got his wisdom teeth out today...picture from the car outside the drs office.

1.9.2010.....eating "pa-corn" for snack....yes, he had to hold the bowl!

1.10.2010....trying on daddy's Mizzou slippers

1.11.2010.....Stamp club night....these are the cute things we made. The domino is a magnet and the valentine one is a paper bag that holds a packet of hot cocoa...neat, huh? first mundane picture....folded laundry...I slipped up and almost forgot my picture today and Chase had already gone to bed. Oh well, laundry happens and it is part of daily life! :)