Wednesday, January 30, 2008

31 weeks

More ultrasounds :), although these aren't as clear. One is of his ear, another of his profile and one of his face and arm. Today's appointment was the third biophysical. We only scored 6 out of 8 because he did not do his practice breathing for 30 consecutive seconds. He took several breaths but not for the 30 seconds. She said this was nothing to be alarmed about, we know he can do it, because he did it the last two times, it is just a marker for the doctors to watch. We did find out that he is now 3lbs 14ozs and is in the 61st percentile (on 1/4 he was 2lbs 10ozs and in the 80th percentile). Can't believe he is getting so big! Not much longer to go!!

30 weeks....another ultrasound

Here are the ultrasounds from this visit. I love the ones that show his profile like this because he is starting to look like an actual baby now! In the first one, he has his mouth open. So I am on my second biophysical and Chase scored another 8 out of 8! Everything continues to look good and the visit with the doctor went well. I did measure big this time, so they want a weight profile for him every 3 weeks now..... we wanted to know how big he was again, so that is fine with me! I also passed my gestational diabetes test, so I am thankful for that.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bringing you up to speed.....29 weeks

A little background info..... two weeks ago, I had my last appointment with Dr Grant in Columbia. Everything is going well, so he basically released me to continue the rest of my appointments with Dr Claypool here in town.

Fast forward to first biophysical profile with Dr Claypool's office. I am on a two week appointment schedule but will have these biophysical ultrasounds each week til the end I guess. The biophysical consists of 4 elements that assess the baby's health-- fetal movement, fetal breathing, heartbeat and amniotic fluid level. The baby will either score a 0 or 2 with each of these tests, so a total score of 8 is perfect and what you want. Drumroll.....He scored an 8 this time!! So all is good with that and I will have another next week along with my appointment. Here is a pic from the US. This is the first I have had at Dr Claypool's office, definitely not as clear as Dr Grant's! Tilt your head to the right and you are looking straight down on his face and the tech said that is his foot up by his head!!