Monday, June 23, 2008

Firsts for this week

I love my blankie

Giggles and laughs

My preppie boy
I know I say this over and over, but it seems like Chase does something new every day. And its funny that you don't realize he doesn't do something but then he does it for the first time and you realize then that he has never done it before!! He is becoming a blankie man....especially when he starts getting tired. Give him a blanket and he wants it up by his face or in his mouth and he just rubs it with fingers back and forth. He does it a lot with my shirt when he is sleepy but he just started doing it with a blanket too. He is also rubbing his eyes when he gets tired, in that back and forth twisting motion, like you see all kids do. And my personal favorite, his giggles. He get so excited and giggles, especially when you tickle him or grab his belly. Oh and he has discovered his voice too, he loves to talk loud and grunt and shriek too!

Saturday fun

Knocked out after lunch
Me and my sweet boy

My handsome men
Goofy smiles
Big brown eyes

On Saturday, we went to have Chase's pictures taken. As usual, he was on his own schedule and woke up an hour before I wanted him to. So his first hour's worth of smiles were wasted on us....but we think she got some good ones despite that. The flash from the camera caught his attention and kept him occupied for a while. After pictures, we went out for lunch and he was konked out by the time we got there and slept through lunch. We decided to go downtown and walk around for a while. We walked around the Capitol and up to the gardens where some of the pictures here were taken. He is such a ham and loves to be outside, so we got lots of goofy smiles and laughs too.

Rice cereal...yum!

Chase's first real attempt at eating rice cereal. He really likes it a lot but you don't want to dilly dally around getting it in his mouth or he gets mad! Definitely not a neat eater yet!! Give him time!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Doctors and Shots

Naked and waiting for Dr Rogers
His Garfield bandaids
I got one hand in my pocket and the other hand's giving a peace sign (Alanis Morrisette :)

Chase also had his 4 month appt today too. He got lots of good reviews from the doctor regarding his growth and milestones and he now gets to eat rice cereal too....yah! His weight is in the 75th percentile and height is in the 65th percentile. He got his shots too and was a trooper again. He cried when they gave them to him but did fine after that. Hopefully he is doing well at the sitters this afternoon. Little booger peed on me at Grandma's this morning, so I had to go home and change clothes before going back to work!

His stats are:

Height: 24 3/4 long (22 1/4 @ 2 months)

Weight: 15 lbs 13 oz (11 lbs 5 oz @ 2 months)

Head Circ: 41 1/4 cm (37 3/4 cm @ 2 months)

I'm four months old today!

Just shortly after he was born.
1 day old
1 month old
2 months old
3 months old


I can't believe how much he has grown over the last 4 months. Somedays it seems like he has been here forever, other days it seems like he just came into the world. But every day we love him just a little bit more than the day before and wonder what exactly we did before him! Happy 4th Month Birthday Chase!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Mr Man tuckered out from the long day before.
Chase and Famous on his first Father's was hard getting a picture of him not sleeping yesterday!!

Father's Day was a somewhat lazy day for us. Dad had a bass tournament (which they got first place and big bass!!) and Famous just wanted to stay home for the day. He did mow the lawn though, luckily before it started raining in the afternoon. We spent some quality time with Chase and also let him try and catch up on his sleep. This past week, Chase has started to grab and pull his musical lion toy that we have on his carseat. It is so cute watching him try and get it and we he does he holds on for dear life...and pulls!

Day at the Lake

Mr Man was awful hot being outside so we had to strip him down to his diaper! Look at that belly!
"Uncle" Matt with Chase and Gavin preparing for the future!
Me and my sweet baby at the end of the long day! Chase and his cousin Gavin getting tuckered out.
Gavin snoozing
Macy - Roger and Donna's granddog

Saturday we spent the day at the Lake at Roger and Donna's place for Father's Day. The kids (us included) got to have some fun at the pool while the aunts took care of the babies for a while. We were all prepared to get Chase in the water for the first time, but it was too cool. Gavin didn't like it, so I knew Chase wouldn't either. We enjoyed lots of good food, drinks and visiting and Chase was awake for most of it! He took a 30 minute nap the entire time we were down there and I just knew he would be asleep as soon as we got in the car and headed for home. The booger stayed awake until Brazito, fell asleep and then woke up when we got home. But he did eat when we got home and slept from 10-5...................for the first time. He slept a lot yesterday too, maybe too much because he went down at 7:30 last night and was up at 11:30, 3:00 and 6:00. One of these days we will get him to sleep through the night again!! Oh well!

The arm.....

The arm.....if you wonder why in every picture we seem to have lately that Chase has is arm in the air.....we would like to know too! He always has his left arm in the air and it is his favorite hand to eat!! We think he will be a leftie and that would be just fine with Famous...something about baseball???
And a cute one of his goofy smile.....he smiles all the least until I pull out my camera! It doesn't take a fast enough picture to capture it!

Monday, June 9, 2008

16 weeks today.

Hard to believe our little baby is 16 weeks old today. He is just changing so much each day, doing different things all the time. He is babbling up a storm and you would swear he was reading us the riot act when he is mad with all he is saying. I wish I knew what he was thinking! Saturday, I worked at the salon and Famous took Chase over to Grandma Joans and Aunt Kays for a visit. He calls me at work and tells me Chase way, I say. Obviously, not full on crawling, but he pushes off with his feet and moves with his arms! Of course, he wouldn't do it for me later at home, but he did get up on his knees and one arm and promptly flips over onto his back. He did that 3 times and then had enough of tummy time.
Gaki's (my mom's mom for those who don't know the name) sister, Aunt Pat came to visit this weekend from St Louis. She was unable to make it to his shower, so this was her first time getting to meet her great-nephew, Chase. He got to flirt and coo a bit with her before it was for a nap.
Some pictures from the weekend. Chase in his big boy outfits and a sweet one of him still half asleep, I think.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sad face

Oops, I have one more to add....this is too cute...his new sad face. He sticks out that bottom lip and whimpers, it is so sweet.

Chase and Jace

April came to visit last night with Ayden and Jace. Jace was due about 2 1/2 weeks before Chase but was born the next day, almost exactly 24 hours later. You can definitely tell that Jace and Ayden are brothers!! What a bunch of cutie pies!

Pictures from the week

I love the picture of him on his belly...looks like he could just take off crawling anyday.

Me and my mom

As the resident picture taker, we seem to have very few pictures of me and Chase. So here is one to prove I really exist! This was from last weekend.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where are the pictures????

So I know I am slacking on the pictures this week...I am taking them, I just keep forgetting to download my pictures at work. Chase has been doing well this week with his sleeping. Tuesday night he slept from 9-3 and had to wake him at 7 and last night slept from 9-2:30 and I got him up at 6 to feed him. So he is doing a lot better, hopefully it will continue and he will just keep sleeping longer and longer!! He found his hands a couple of weeks ago and has been sucking on them like crazy and in the last couple of days has found his thumb too!! He has also been talking and smiling up a storm and had a few giggles too. He just seems to be changing more and more every day. Hard to believe that he will be 4 months old in just 2 weeks!