Monday, March 30, 2009

Sweet boy
Chunky legs!

Just a couple of cute pics to post. We had a good weekend, despite nasty weather on Saturday. Didn't do to much, just piddled and cleaned the house, Famous was not feeling well on Sunday at all. Chase is doing good, I think he might be getting an ear infection or possibly fluid on his ears. The last three mornings, he wakes up and it takes about 30 minutes to for him to get his balance in check. We have an appt on Wed to check that out. Famous and I leave Thursday morning and head to St Louis to fly to Chicago. I have a work conference and he is going to tag along for some relaxation and a little fun. This will be our first time completely away from Chase, so I am sure we will shed a few tears.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Walking, teething, etc

My laundry helper
Chase's version of helping!
Chase and Daddy snoozing

Hello everyone...time just seems to get away from me and it is getting harder and harder to get back here each week. Chase is doing good and just walking away. He is getting more and more stable and walking longer and longer lengths, from the living room to kitchen, living room to bedroom, etc. He seems to like to walk too, but when he falls he just crawls from there. He is into everything these days. Toys are no longer interesting, he would rather play with trash cans, cat bowls, cat food containers, cabinets, you name it and he wants it. He is cutting his two bottom molars and has been a bear for the last couple of days. It makes me appreciate what a really good and happy baby he normally is. Sunday, he just was not happy and nothing we could do would appease him, at least for more than a few minutes. Then we discovered why....four sharp points on the bottom gum and another four coming in on the other side. Poor guy, he just was miserable. We haven't had to deal with teething for a while. Otherwise, he loves dancing and bopping around to music especially on the Sirius TV channels. Whenever a toy plays music, he raises both hands and bops around. He is still eating really well and always wants to have a taste of what we are having.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We are walking!

Looking outside
Mommy and me
Daddy aggravating Chase
Open wide (while shutting his eyes)

Chase is officially a walker!! Sunday night, he was taking 5-6 steps but only did that a couple of times and only when he wanted too. I knew it was around the corner! When I picked him up at the sitter's Monday night, Grandma Stokes was over there and I could tell by the gleam in her eye that he was walking. She stood him up and he walked across the living room to me. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it now!! Of course, he really prefers to crawl still and you really can't bribe him much to walk, he does it more when he is not thinking about it. We got him to do it a couple times last night but nothing on video yet. Little turkey is just getting to big!

On Saturday, we had Gavin's birthday party. I can't believe how grown up these boys are getting. Gavin did great with his cake, really tore it apart!! Got lots of fun toys, which Chase was eyeing!! Chase was pooped when we left and was asleep before we got out of Wardsville. Later, we met James and Jaime for dinner at Madisons and Amanda and Kagan came in a little after we got there. Dinner was very good and Chase did so good for being in a highchair for 2 hours and Kagan kept him entertained too.

Sunday, the boys stayed in their pj's most of the day. I had stamp club and then Chase and I went to the store in the evening. He was too cute, we were shopping and he had a box of Cheerios in the cart that he just kept giving to me. Normally, he just drops everything out of the cart onto the floor. But he did not want to hold the cheerios, he didn't drop them and he kept pulling them out of the cart, all while he was getting very irritated with me... It finally dawned on me yesterday when telling Grandma about it, that he knew they were cheerios and he wanted me to give him some.

Little things like that just hit you like a ton of bricks and you don't even realize how smart they are. He knows where his belly button is, he knows what his socks and shoes are when you ask him for them. He definitely knows what NO means but completely ignores us, smiles mischieviously and goes back to doing what we said not to. I am pretty sure we are in for it!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Monday

Snuggling with Daddy before bed
Dancing to Sirius tunes
Giddy up daddy!
Fun...he figured out how to press the button to make it light up
Drinking out of his cup

Hope everyone is doing good. Had a great weekend and actually feel like I accomplished some things. Saturday, the three of us stayed in all day long (in our pjs too) and played! I got some much need spring cleaning and organizing done while Chase napped - not sure what got into me!

Not much new with Chase, still doing the same stuff as last week. We have been having some luck getting him to take 4 -5 steps at a time by bribing him with Cheerios!! He also loves to dance and loves when we sing (even though we are bad at it). We turn the channel to Sirius stations on the TV and we all sing and dance away. He likes to be helpful with the laundry by pulling everything out of the basket and then putting it back in, but you have to watch him once it is all folded, cause he goes after that stuff too. He likes trying to feed himself with the fork and spoon and holds onto it with a death grip and we also are giving him a regular cup with small amounts of milk and he does pretty good too. At least he hasn't thrown it like his sippy cup yet. He seems like he is eating a little less than before and is starting to get a little finicky with what he likes and doesn't, but I think that is expected with this age.