Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Magic Word

I always say I will write these cute things down and then I forget!! But this time I remembered and am recording it I can remember it down the line. After all, this is like my digital scrapbook here!!

Today, Chase and I visited Gamma Stokes this morning on her first day off from school and he decided he wanted to get in his crib there. He was playing and jumping around and then decided he wanted to get out. So Gamma asked him "What's the magic word" expecting him to say "pease" (please) and instead he said "abra dabra" (abracadabra) how in the world does he know that???

We both got a huge giggle out of that. He is so darn cute and smart!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Beautiful weekend

Can't believe what a nice weekend we had, although it got hot way too fast!

Saturday, Famous mowed the lawn while I planted flowers and Chase dug holes in the pots of dirt. I wanted to rearrange my pots in front so make a pretty vignette up front. Not finished yet, but I will post pics when I am done. After Chases' nap, we decided to go for a ride and stopped by Gamma and Papaws. Chase helped Papaw wash his boat and was having so much fun with the water, he stayed while we went to the store. When we got back, he was down to his diaper and pouring buckets of water on himself. We had a yummy dinner and were all stuffed!

Sunday, I tried planting more flowers and Famous washed the cars. Once Chase went around back and saw the water hoses out, all my planting halted. We drug out the pool, cleaned it up and filled it with cold water. After lunch and a nap, Chase and I went back out to get in the was like bath water!! So we had to add some more cold water to make it bearable. We spent 2 hours out there and Famous BBQ'd again and had baked potatoes and salad for dinner. Then time for a bath and read some books and Mr Man was ready for bed.

It went by so fast!

Helping plant flowers
Waiting for Daddy to finish the lawn so he can get a ride on the tractor

Getting a drink

Papaw teaching him how to "pee"


Playing in the pool

Take this hat off....made him wear it to stay in the pool...worked most of the time!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

At least, that is what Chase says!  On Sunday, he wanted to go outside so bad and I told him we couldn't because of the rain and we would get wet and he sang "rain, rain go away" and completely shocked me!!  I asked Famous if he taught the song to him and he had.  It was so sweet!!  He loves to sing and has been getting more into the ABC's lately too.  If you say the first few letters, he can usually do the next ones in the sequence.  He also has Itsy Bitsy Spider down (and the hand motions!) and has been singing Rock a Bye Baby for a while now.

I am so glad to have seen the sun has been a dreary couple of weeks with all this rain!  It is about to make us all stir crazy.  Over the weekend, at least we got out for a little bit and went to the PAT carnival with Jim, Beth and Gavin.  The boys had a lot of fun, but it was definitely a little crazy with all the kids running around inside the school.  It would have been much better outside, but that was a no go because of the rain.  After the carnival, we got lunch and brought it back to the house and the boys got to play for a while. 

The week before we all headed to St Louis to go to the Zoo and stop by and see Baby Harper afterwards.  The boys loved the zoo and did really good for not having naps.  They loved seeing all the animals and being out and about.  They played really well at Matt & Stephs too, with the occasional push and tackle here and there.  But I think that rough housing is to be expected!!

At the penguin exhibit

Boys will be boys!

With Mama

Petting the penguin
Sweet boy

Last week was also Chase's last PAT visit till next fall.  His teacher did his assessment and he is at or ahead of all the skills that she tested on.  Our next thing is to work on dressing and undressing himself and letting him wash his hands by himself.  We hadn't really been focusing on those things, but just in the last few days made a point of working on these and he is doing great.  The washing his hands by himself is a little more messy, but guess he has to learn.  We all have to make sacrifices :) Ha!  Also, we have been working on colors too.  He has a little difficulty with naming the colors, but the teacher said that naming them is really the last thing they learn...first they learn to match colors, then point out colors, then identify them by name.  He does great at the first two, so the latter is just around the corner.  It's funny how we think their minds are supposed to work.  I couldn't figure out why he was having trouble with colors when he picked up things like animals so easily.  Turns out that is just how the mind works!

Blowing bubbles with gamma

With Daddy at the playground

I'm 2!

Look at that sweet smile!

This picture reminded me of Risky Business...he had been running into the kitchen and slide on the floor and I immediately thought of the movie...of course, he would not recreate the scene, so I had to go with this picture! :)

Playing with his Thomas the Train

Fun at Gamma and PawPaws

He's saying "No Lucy No"...he likes to tell her what to do!