Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm trying.....

I can do it!
Almost there!
You lookin' at me?
So Mr Man is starting to try to sit up and also getting up on his knees. It still amazes me that he goes from not doing something one day to doing it the next...does that make sense??? :) He had been sitting up for just a second here and there and would slowly lean forward til his belly touched the floor. But yesterday, I sat him down and he really held himself up for a longer period...I was just amazed....like when did he learn to do that! And then I put him down on his belly and he started to pull his knees under him and push off with his feet....before you couldn't even push his knees up under him!! He still doesn't have his arms quite cooperating, but I am sure it will be no time at all!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Chase Thomas Arrives

So I have started working on Chase's scrapbook and thought I would post the pages here for everyone. I also have a pregnancy scrapbook in the works but it's not finished and these pictures are so much more fun to do now that he is here. I decided I better get a move on before I get too far behind and start forgetting things! I am doing them chronologically and will post them that way, so you will get to see pictures from birth forward. Hope you enjoy them!
EDITING TO ADD: If you click on the picture, you will get a close up view...didn't realize they would post so small.

Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day!
Loving my highchair!
Giggles and grins
And then his serious look...
What's Spiderman doing on my feet?

Hello everyone....here to post some pics of the little man! He has found out that he can shriek now and loves to do it. It is so funny and he gets so tickled when he does it, almost like he can't believe it is him making all that noise. He is also successfully sleeping in his crib and there is no turning back now....I actually think he likes it better, he has so much more room to move around, but he also is still getting used to it. He is doing really well at putting himself to sleep at night and naptimes and we have avoided any real meltdowns for quite a while now. When he starts rubbing his eyes and yawning, it is time to go down and usually he is asleep in 15 minutes or less. He has to have his blankie though!

He is just getting so big and I think he is ready any day for some real food. We were at Longhorns for lunch on Saturday and he was perfectly content until he saw me put a piece of bread in my mouth and he decided he wanted some too. He will just follow the fork with his eyes back and forth between the plate and your mouth. He likes to grab for your food and glasses too. He still loves the cereal but it is not nearly enough to satisfy him, so you better have his bottle ready to go for afterwords.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Busy week

5 months old!!
Goofy smiles....can never catch a good one on camera!!
Sleepyhead last night!!

So I am late again posting, been a very busy week at work and I kept forgetting my camera! So let's see, what's new....Chase had his 5 month birthday on Friday, time is just flying by! He is eating cereal like a champ these days, still gnawing on whatever he can get his hands on. We decided last night the sleeping in the carseat was done cause he just didn't look comfortable anymore and he would literally fall asleep trying to sit up in the seat. So we put him down about 7:30 last night (on his back) and he put himself to sleep but woke up several times cause he was just moving all over the crib. So I would go in and move him to the middle and a few minutes later he would be pinned against the rails again.....can I strap him down or what?? :) So he finally fell asleep after about 30 minutes and slept til about 11 when he started whimpering and was trying to turn over in his sleep. I just don't think he likes being on his back, so I flipped him over and he stayed asleep until 5 this morning!! Yah Chase!! Much better night than we anticipated and I guess we just need to realize that he is a belly sleeper...he gets that from me!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Fun

Chase and Jaime
New highchair - before cereal
After cereal!
Chewing on his teether
Action shot!

This week, Chase continues to be the drool master and loves chewing on anything....toys, blankets, his fingers, our fingers..you name it. He is also pulling his bottle to his mouth and will somewhat hold his bottle for a little bit too. He got to try out his highchair for the first time and it makes feeding cereal much easier to have him confined! He loves to sit up and can do pretty good considering, but he can't quite do it on his own. He is very strong though and we think he will have abs of steel from all the "crunches" he is doing trying to sit up.

Friday evening, Famous and I went to check out Prison Brews for the first time with everyone from the salon. We had a really good time out and it was nice to get out for a while. Saturday, we went to visit James and Jaime for a while. We had to ask them an important question, if they would be our best man and maid of honor...yes, you read right, we are getting married. October 18, 2008....so mark it on your calendar! They accepted, oh and Chase will be the honorary best man!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

20 weeks old and we have 2 teeth!

We have teeth! Chase's bottom two teeth popped out yesterday! Little man is growing up so fast!! So far he has been taking it pretty good. The day before they broke through he was a bear and was spitting up a lot, but since he has been in relative good spirits.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Check out our new pool!

Are you loving our new pool? It is the latest out there in luxury pools!! :) Maybe not, but definitely just right for little man. He was loving the water. I would put him on his belly and he would just kick his legs and splash with his hand. He really had a good time. I think he is going to be a water babie for sure.

Happy 4th

Chase and Great Grandma Stokes
Being this cute is exhausting!!

So not too many pictures from the 4th, but a few. We spent the day early on just hanging around the house, being lazy. In the evening, we went out to Neil and Debbies for their annual 4th BBQ. As always, plenty of good food! We were stuffed. Chase was pooped and slept through all the fireworks....he was inside but they entire neighborhood was shooting them off and they were loud! The big kids had fun shooting off the fireworks though. Very nice day too!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bath time fun

Look at that belly.....can you believe how much he has filled out....and the rolls this boy has are unbelieveable. I can't believe what I find hiding in them sometimes :)

Pictures of Branson

Some pictures and views from our hotel balcony, including the Branson hills and Table Rock Lake. Very pretty area!

What a week

Pictures of Chase poolside

Mommy and Chase in the pool
Getting tired and ready to go inside

So I know I am late to post, but I am so behind with everything this week. Last week, Chase, my mom and I ventured to Branson for a Missouri Dental Association convention that our entire staff attended and worked at. I just couldn't leave my little man for that long (Wed-Sun), so grandma S came along to nanny!! Boy, was she wiped out! For that matter, so were Chase and I! It was a lot of fun but exhausting all at the same time. Chase got his schedule all out of whack so he didn't sleep much at all during the day, but he had two all-nighters while we were there. But I think I would rather have him up once at night than to deprive him of sleep on purpose!!

Mom and I got to go to two awesome scrapbook/stamp stores....boy I wish we had something like that close to home. Nothing in JC or Columbia even compares.

In other news, Chase continues to gnaw his hand and fingers, likes to eat his blankets and bibs and still loves to shriek and laugh. He is focusing and studying things a lot more, like the TV, remote, faces, etc. He found his toes this week with a little help from me, since he can't quite get to them on his own! He also got to swim for the first time in Branson. The water was a little cool, but he didn't fuss, he was pretty calm and laid back during the whole thing. Baths have gotten a lot easier lately...we are back to bathing in the baby tub in the kitchen, no more warming up the bathroom and towels first, so that is better for my back and now it is not a 30 minute ordeal!!