Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our first try at organized sports!

So mister man started Start Smart Soccer with Parks and Rec in April.  It has been an experience...that is for sure.  While I think he enjoys it....the first weeks are drills which are pretty tedious.  And tedious is not something this boy does well.  To be fair, the majority of the other kids are just like him....he likes to act up, sit and lay on the ground and tell the other kids what to do!!  But at least it has been fun for us to watch!  First practice game is this week, so that should be a sight!!  Big props to Daddy for taking him each week....the parent works with the child one and one...so you can imagine how that goes :)

Actions shots :)

Time to rest

This is what goes on most of the time!

Just chillaxing :)


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Son's Day

Have to post this before I forget....we have the best conversations on the way to school!

Chase had to borrow my sunglasses because the sun was in his eyes, but quickly decided he didn't need them anymore...so he gave them back.

C: Mom, if I give you something (as he takes off the sunglasses), it's called a present.
M: Oh, well thank you for the present Chase.  You know, Mother's Day is this weekend, so you and Daddy have to get mama a present (good hint there, huh)!
C: Well what do you want?
M: What stuff do you think Mommy likes? (just grooming him for his wife some day!)
C: Umm...candy?
M: No...no candy.  What else do you think I like?
C: Makeup? (as I am putting on my powder). Dresses?
M: Yep, that's pretty good.  What other things do I like doing?  Like in my office?
C: Etsy stuff or something?
M:  You do pay attention...huh?
C:  Do you like dinosaurs?
M: I guess so...
C: What kind? Like stegosaurus, t-rex, diploducus.....
M:  I like dinosaurs, but I don't really want to play with them.  
C: You know Mom, after Mommy's Day and Daddy's Day, it's Son's Day.....
M:  Really?
C: What are you getting me?
M:  It has to be a surprise.
C: But you have to ask me what I like.
M: Oh, okay...what do you like?
C:  Dinosaurs, balls, flags (pretty sure he saw a flag at that moment!), cars, construction team.
M:  Oh....good now I know what you want for Son's Day.
C:  Okay.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Coloring Eggs and Happy Easter

Our easter bunny crafts for all the g-parents!

We had a great time coloring easter eggs this year...even if we did it the night before!!  Oops...oh well, they were there for the Easter Bunny and that is all that counts right??  Chase loved doing them this year...but didn't want to stop with one color...he wanted to dip every egg in every color...some were starting to look brown! Ick! 
Mr Harper
Attempt at a great grandkids picture!
Ms Daphne

The boys were chasing Papaw with a broom...of course, he started it!
The race is on!
His bag got to heavy to carry.
Sweet Gracelynn!
Easter was a fun day spent with family.  The morning started with waking up to find that the Easter Bunny had left a basket and hid eggs.  The Easter Bunny was a little late though and Chase just missed him by a few minutes of stopping by our house....close call! :)  Then Nana and Herman came by to bring fun stuff, later to Gammaw and Papaw's house for another basket full of goodies.  Then around lunch time we headed to Big Grandma's house for lunch and an egg hunt.  The kid had more candy from Easter than he did for Halloween!  Oh well, he loved playing with all his cousins!!