Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One year appointment

Waiting for shots
Pointing at one of the million things he points at everyday now!!

Yesterday, Chase had his one year appointment. He weighs 27lbs 2ozs, 30 3/4 inches long and 48 1/4 head circumference. He is in the 95th percentile for weight, 75th percentile for height, 95th percentile for head circumference...Dr Rogers said he took after his dad with the big head...I swear he did...sorry Famous :) (An inside joke because Famous seems to think that I have the bigger head!!)
Dr Rogers was not concerned that he was a big boy, he said once he gets walking, he will slow down and slim down. He also was fine that he wasn't walking...he still says he has til 2 years to catch up for being early, but that he would expect him to walk by 15 months most likely. Developmentally, he is happy where he is, he is in line with the things he is supposed to be doing...saying mama, dada, pointing at things, picking up things, etc. He was happy that we were off bottles completely and on milk. He suggested starting him on regular cups too....we tried a little last night, he drank well, but didn't want to hold the cup...we will try a little each night. He wants us to keep him on the whole milk for now because of the good fats, good for brain development, etc but need to limit it to 15-20 ozs a day. Food wise, we are doing pretty good, trying to give him a more balanced diet (at least better than mine!). He is a really good eater..if you couldn't already tell that!!
Poor guy had a rough day, he had a short nap and then got three shots. He was not happy, he cried pretty hard and for a while. Poor sweet pea.....he was wore out and went to bed at 7 last night. He has a runny/snotty nose again, with some coughing started back last night. He was up twice early on, but ended up sleeping til 6:45, so we have two days down!! Yah Chase!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

What a weekend

Feeding himself hotdogs
With Daddy
Aunt Donna, Gavin and Chase

His birthday banner that mama made!

Chase and Jace (1 day apart)

In the sweet Cards hat that Jaime and James got him


Birthday cupcakes
Sleepyhead this morning!

The weekends just seem to fly by anymore!! So much to do and Chase loves to be out and about.

Saturday, we had his one year pics, can't wait to see them. I think they are really going to be good, lots of different poses and one of him destroying his cake. Then Jace had his one year bday party that afternoon...he is one day younger than Chase. The boys had fun playing together.

Sunday was Chase's party. Thanks to everyone that could be there and celebrate with us, it really means a lot that you all were there! He liked his cake, but he didn't like getting messy, so he ate it with a spoon!! What a turkey!!

Some new things with him....still taking steps here and there...I know he will just take off one day soon. He really is playing with his shape sorter too and getting the shapes in the slots too. It's neat to see him try and when it doesn't fit, he rearranges it in his hand and tries again...how do they learn this stuff?? He likes to feed himself too and hold the utensils and tries to pick up stuff with the fork and spoon. Granny Stokes gave him a toddler plate, fork and spoon and I swear he played with that for 20 minutes!! He likes to turn the light switches off and on too. He is constantly pointing at stuff and saying "uh"...like get me that...except we don't know what that is!! He loves playing with matchbox cars too, pushing them around the floor, making noises. At least once a day, it seems Famous and I look at each other and say "Did you see that" or "Watch him" cause we notice something new all the time.
Last night, he slept from 7:30 to 7:15 this morning...no sippy at all.....it would be great if that wasn't a fluke. Saturday and Sunday morning, he made it to 6 and 6:30 without a sippy too. Hope it continues!! We are pretty excited about that....he is a pretty good sleeper, but has slept like this maybe 5 times total in his first year of life!! Up until last week, he was still getting a sippy at 4 or 5. I am probably jinxing myself as we speak!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My how our baby has grown!

Just born
1 day
1 month
2 months
3 months
4 months
5 months
6 months
7 months
8 months
9 months
10 months
11 months

We officially have a one year old!!

Hmmm, what is this?
Attacking the present
This is kind of fun!
How crazy is that??? If anyone was up early this morning, Chase is now famous..no not Famous :)...he was on the birthdays on KRCG this morning. We DVR'd it, so I will post a screen shot later if you missed it! There was another 1 yr old Chase on there too...popular name, I guess!!

I have a couple of pictures from this morning....we gave him a present to open this morning. He is much better about unwrapping than at Christmas, except now he wants to eat the paper!!
This weekend, Chase and Gavin had a play date. They had a good time, but enjoyed pulling each other's hair, grunting and yelling more than playing. Give them time. Beth has pics, so I will post some when she sends them.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Big man

Big man in his seat
Sleeping on the way home from the lake
Sweet pea
Cousin's night!

So we turned Chase's car seat around this weekend and he loves it. He is just days from his birthday and past the weight limit, so we thought it would be fine. He looks all grown up sitting in it! Can't believe he will be turning 1 in less than 10 days now. He is still cruising around stuff but only taking 1 or 2 steps on his own. He is babbling up a storm and I sure wish he I knew what he was thinking!! We are in the process of getting rid of the bottles now and he is having a couple of sippy cups with whole milk and a couple of bottles of formula a day. It is working okay...he definitely likes his bottles. But we are getting there slowly. He likes the milk, but if he sees that bottle he still wants it! He loves playing too, but still likes you to be in the room with him...once he notices you walked out of the room for a minute, he has to be with you. But it is so neat to see him playing and learning a little more each week. He has long mastered his stacking rings and nesting squares and is now onto the shape sorter box. Sometimes you can almost see his little wheels turning inside that head. He is very inquisitive and if he can't get something, he figures out a way to do it.

He spent Friday evening with Donna and Roger and had a good time, although he conked out pretty early. He is still fighting an ear infection and has been pretty wore out by bedtime. Saturday, we went to the lake. I needed to find something for his birthday pictures next week. Found some cute stuff at Gymboree and then Children's Place had some awesome sales. Got some stuff for next winter...hopefully I have estimated correctly and they will fit come next winter!! Saturday night, Grandma Mary came over and watched Chase while Famous and I met Jim and Beth for dinner and then Matt & Steph and Steph-O at the Library for the 1st Annual Cousin's Night. We had a good time catching up with everyone. Although, Beth and I decided that we are the annoying parents who only talk about their kids now....what else is there to talk about!! We still had a good time. Sunday, I had to finish up some things for the shower and then was gone to it for a few hours in the afternoon. Daddy and Chase spent the whole day in PJs....lucky them! So much to do in so little time....Chase was asleep by 7, Famous by 8 and me by 9....we were all pooped!!

Creative post...

Yesterday, the salon girls and I had a baby shower for Missy. It was so much fun seeing all the girl stuff she got...99% of it was pink and green....so cute. Makes me want a little girl too....all the cute clothes and shoes...all of it!!

Anyway, I made her invitations, favors for the shower and she asked me to make some thank yous too. Just thought I would post a few pics of them. Reese's room is sort of shabby chic with pinks, greens, turquoise and I had a whole paper stack that worked perfectly. Love the colors!

Friday, February 6, 2009

I am trying to upload video for the first time...hoping it works. This one is of him walking with his Tonka truck...it seems a little dark, hope you can see it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

February already

Daddy and Chase (not feeling so good)
Reading intently

Man, January was just here...where did it go? Sometimes I feel like Chase is going to be 5 before we know it! Little man is getting closer and closer to taking some steps each day. We "practiced" over the weekend...he loves to walk behind his toys. I have video and I will try to upload tomorrow....it is just too cute. Yesterday, he was standing on his own for 5-10 seconds and then trying to take a step...maybe he will walk by his birthday..we will see.

Didn't do a whole lot this weekend, Friday, we hung around the house and Saturday we made our usual trek to Columbia, stopping first at Old Navy and Petco in town. Then had mexican for lunch in Columbia....I swear we are going to try every mexican restaurant there until we find one we love...Rio Grande was okay, much better than last time at Tequila Mexican though. Then I had to make my weekly stop at Michaels...can't drive all the way to Columbia and not stop there!

Sunday, we didn't do much either....just some stuff around the house and went to the store (boy, we sound pretty exciting, huh?). Of course, we watched the Superbowl but no big parties. Chase has a runny nose and cough again...we got a good 3 weeks between sicknesses this time...go Chase!!