Monday, February 2, 2009

February already

Daddy and Chase (not feeling so good)
Reading intently

Man, January was just here...where did it go? Sometimes I feel like Chase is going to be 5 before we know it! Little man is getting closer and closer to taking some steps each day. We "practiced" over the weekend...he loves to walk behind his toys. I have video and I will try to upload is just too cute. Yesterday, he was standing on his own for 5-10 seconds and then trying to take a step...maybe he will walk by his birthday..we will see.

Didn't do a whole lot this weekend, Friday, we hung around the house and Saturday we made our usual trek to Columbia, stopping first at Old Navy and Petco in town. Then had mexican for lunch in Columbia....I swear we are going to try every mexican restaurant there until we find one we love...Rio Grande was okay, much better than last time at Tequila Mexican though. Then I had to make my weekly stop at Michaels...can't drive all the way to Columbia and not stop there!

Sunday, we didn't do much either....just some stuff around the house and went to the store (boy, we sound pretty exciting, huh?). Of course, we watched the Superbowl but no big parties. Chase has a runny nose and cough again...we got a good 3 weeks between sicknesses this time...go Chase!!

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