Monday, February 9, 2009

Big man

Big man in his seat
Sleeping on the way home from the lake
Sweet pea
Cousin's night!

So we turned Chase's car seat around this weekend and he loves it. He is just days from his birthday and past the weight limit, so we thought it would be fine. He looks all grown up sitting in it! Can't believe he will be turning 1 in less than 10 days now. He is still cruising around stuff but only taking 1 or 2 steps on his own. He is babbling up a storm and I sure wish he I knew what he was thinking!! We are in the process of getting rid of the bottles now and he is having a couple of sippy cups with whole milk and a couple of bottles of formula a day. It is working okay...he definitely likes his bottles. But we are getting there slowly. He likes the milk, but if he sees that bottle he still wants it! He loves playing too, but still likes you to be in the room with him...once he notices you walked out of the room for a minute, he has to be with you. But it is so neat to see him playing and learning a little more each week. He has long mastered his stacking rings and nesting squares and is now onto the shape sorter box. Sometimes you can almost see his little wheels turning inside that head. He is very inquisitive and if he can't get something, he figures out a way to do it.

He spent Friday evening with Donna and Roger and had a good time, although he conked out pretty early. He is still fighting an ear infection and has been pretty wore out by bedtime. Saturday, we went to the lake. I needed to find something for his birthday pictures next week. Found some cute stuff at Gymboree and then Children's Place had some awesome sales. Got some stuff for next winter...hopefully I have estimated correctly and they will fit come next winter!! Saturday night, Grandma Mary came over and watched Chase while Famous and I met Jim and Beth for dinner and then Matt & Steph and Steph-O at the Library for the 1st Annual Cousin's Night. We had a good time catching up with everyone. Although, Beth and I decided that we are the annoying parents who only talk about their kids now....what else is there to talk about!! We still had a good time. Sunday, I had to finish up some things for the shower and then was gone to it for a few hours in the afternoon. Daddy and Chase spent the whole day in PJs....lucky them! So much to do in so little time....Chase was asleep by 7, Famous by 8 and me by 9....we were all pooped!!

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