Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Long week

First bite of sweet potatoes...yum!
Grandma gave him nilla wafers too.
More please!
I love books!

Seems like it has been a really long week here. Last time I posted, Chase had gotten his shots. He had a tougher time with them this time. He ran a slight fever and was pretty grumpy for a couple of days. Then he started sneezing Thursday night and Friday and running a fever again. The nurse said he probably caught something at the drs office. Great....so he has not slept very good for several days, cause he just coughs when he is laying down flat in the crib and does better in his car seat but doesn't sleep for long cause he is confined. Last night was a little better, he was only up once. He suddenly has an aversion to his pacifier, I am hoping that is just because it is hard for him to breathe through his nose. Mom thinks he also might have more teeth coming in too. I am just hoping he is all better by the time we go to the Lake...I want him to have fun!!
This week again he is getting better with sitting up straight and he is really trying to crawl too. Getting up on all fours...just not for very long!! He loves to hold his arms up when he wants out of the carseat, exersaucer or highchair. I agree that he might be teething because he loves to bury his face in your shoulder and just bite down...guess that is a new one! Otherwise, just starting to baby proof the house in anticipation that he will be crawling soon. We cleaned carpets yesterday.
Oh, almost forgot, he started solids this past week too. Started with sweet potatoes and are now on pears. He loves them....and I think he will love just about anything we give him to eat. We can't hardly eat in front of him...he gives this little look, like "please can I have some". He was staring down a water bottle yesterday!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

6 month stats

He has the goofiest expressions sometimes!!
Little does he know, shots are just around the corner!
We went for Chase's 6 month appointment this morning. Dr Rogers says that he is doing great. He was 18lbs 3 ozs and 27 1/4 inches long. He is in between the 50th and 75th percentile for both weight and height and he is happy with that. We have the green light for solids, so watch out sweet potatoes, here we come!! Those ought to make for some fun pictures!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy (6 month) Birthday Chase!

So little man is 6 months old today...can't hardly believe it. I remember looking through his shower presents when he was 3 weeks old wondering if he would ever fit into some of the 6-9 month clothes....well he has outgrown most of those already! Tomorrow we go for his appt and shots, so I will get his stats then. I am anxious to see where he is now! I got some rice rusk crackers and arrowroot biscuits for Chase and some baby food in preparation of the green light to go to solid foods tomorrow. He had some rice rusks (as shown in the pictures) this weekend and seemed to like them. He has really made progress with sitting up and trying to crawl just this week. It's so amazing to see him do a little better each day.

Monday, August 11, 2008

4 month pictures

Here are some of Chase's 4 month pictures....going in a couple of weeks for his 6 month ones too!! Jill Bruss with Two Views Photography does the pictures.... http://www.twoviewsphotography.com/

More scrapbooking

I found a little time to do some more scrapbooking over the weekend, mainly Friday night. Hope you enjoy them!

Just one more week

My sweet pea!
Loving his wubbie!
Just one more week til Chase is 6 months old...and I can't believe it. He has just grown so much and is doing something new every day it seems. He is getting so big and time is flying. He is getting closer and closer each day to sitting up and crawling...I know both are just around the corner. He can finally get his toes into his mouth and he thinks they taste pretty good! He is wrapping his arms around our neck when you pick him up and he is fascinated with touching your face now, like he is just noticing for the first time. He loves the remote control and can find it from across the room and just stare at it (luckily I found a talking remote at Target today....now he can't pause shows and change the channels!) On Saturday, we went to dinner with Jim, Beth and Gavin and the boys just sat and looked at each other....I think they were wondering who this other little person was (and why is my mommy holding him)! Oh and Chase drove away some of the people with his shrieking.....but he thought it was pretty funny!

Monday, August 4, 2008

4 nights and counting

Behind bars!
Sleepy time
Love my exersaucer!
Me and Dad
Tummy time
Yep, that's right, Chase has slept through the night now for 4 nights in a row!! Yah Chase!!! He even slept past 8 on Saturday and Sunday morning too! We're not sure why, but we just decided to see if when he fussed in the middle of the night, if he would just take his pacifier and go back to sleep. Lo and behold, it worked. So who knows if this has been the trick all along and we just thought he was hungry or maybe it was just finally his time. Either way, we will take it. We are still up a couple of times, just to check on him or to put that pacifier back in, but he goes right back to sleep!

We had a nice weekend, despite this horrible heat. We went grocery shopping on Saturday and decided to take a trip to Columbia on Sunday and went to Sam's, Michaels and made an Arby's stop too. We don't have to bring home Chipotle anymore, since it is in town now! The trips wore us out because it was so dang hot, but Chase loves to be outside, even when it is like that. Last night, he got fussy around 6, so in an attempt to keep him happy for a little while longer, we went outside. I melted while he was perfectly content...what's wrong with him :)