Monday, August 4, 2008

4 nights and counting

Behind bars!
Sleepy time
Love my exersaucer!
Me and Dad
Tummy time
Yep, that's right, Chase has slept through the night now for 4 nights in a row!! Yah Chase!!! He even slept past 8 on Saturday and Sunday morning too! We're not sure why, but we just decided to see if when he fussed in the middle of the night, if he would just take his pacifier and go back to sleep. Lo and behold, it worked. So who knows if this has been the trick all along and we just thought he was hungry or maybe it was just finally his time. Either way, we will take it. We are still up a couple of times, just to check on him or to put that pacifier back in, but he goes right back to sleep!

We had a nice weekend, despite this horrible heat. We went grocery shopping on Saturday and decided to take a trip to Columbia on Sunday and went to Sam's, Michaels and made an Arby's stop too. We don't have to bring home Chipotle anymore, since it is in town now! The trips wore us out because it was so dang hot, but Chase loves to be outside, even when it is like that. Last night, he got fussy around 6, so in an attempt to keep him happy for a little while longer, we went outside. I melted while he was perfectly content...what's wrong with him :)


Another Stokes said...

Oh that is awesome... let's hope this continues, we all know you guys need these nights :)

Anonymous said...

Sleeping through the night... go Chase.Keep up the good work. Grandma Joan