Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Long week

First bite of sweet potatoes...yum!
Grandma gave him nilla wafers too.
More please!
I love books!

Seems like it has been a really long week here. Last time I posted, Chase had gotten his shots. He had a tougher time with them this time. He ran a slight fever and was pretty grumpy for a couple of days. Then he started sneezing Thursday night and Friday and running a fever again. The nurse said he probably caught something at the drs office. Great....so he has not slept very good for several days, cause he just coughs when he is laying down flat in the crib and does better in his car seat but doesn't sleep for long cause he is confined. Last night was a little better, he was only up once. He suddenly has an aversion to his pacifier, I am hoping that is just because it is hard for him to breathe through his nose. Mom thinks he also might have more teeth coming in too. I am just hoping he is all better by the time we go to the Lake...I want him to have fun!!
This week again he is getting better with sitting up straight and he is really trying to crawl too. Getting up on all fours...just not for very long!! He loves to hold his arms up when he wants out of the carseat, exersaucer or highchair. I agree that he might be teething because he loves to bury his face in your shoulder and just bite down...guess that is a new one! Otherwise, just starting to baby proof the house in anticipation that he will be crawling soon. We cleaned carpets yesterday.
Oh, almost forgot, he started solids this past week too. Started with sweet potatoes and are now on pears. He loves them....and I think he will love just about anything we give him to eat. We can't hardly eat in front of him...he gives this little look, like "please can I have some". He was staring down a water bottle yesterday!!

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Gina said...

OMG OMG OMG!! He is the spitting image of Famous! I almost fell out of my chair! It's been too long since I have seen you all. Give him a big kiss for me. G