Monday, April 18, 2011

April fun

April already...the year is just breezing by....crazy stuff! We haven't been up to much, just enjoying the pretty days outside and having fun playing. Chase is constantly wanting to be outside and loves playing ball, digging in the garden, shoveling rocks and sand and more. He also loves to turn on the radio in our room and dance. The other day, he turned it on and started in dancing and he says "Mom, check out my dance moves"! He was too cute bopping around and kept turning around and sticking out his butt...have to get this on video for sure!

The other day we were out playing with our first bubbles for the season. He had a great time chasing them and trying to pop them. Crazy how fascinating bubbles are to kids!!

Picking flowers for mama! Such a sweetie!

We have been visiting parks and playing too. This one always has to be on the go. He wakes up on the weekends and his first question is "where are we going today"! Loves to be out and about for sure. We took a trip to Memorial Park and he loved playing with the other kids.

Look at my big "tick" mom!

A couple of weekends ago, we went to Stephen's Lake in Columbia. I have wanted to go but never have. Looking forward to the summer as they have a swimming beach and a sprayground that looks like lots of fun. It was definitely warm enough to jump in some water that day....Chase has some rosey cheeks, but that didn't stop him from playing and he was not happy when we had to leave. We walked around the park, had a picnic, threw rocks in the lake and played in the huge "sandbox" area. We didn't know about the sandbox, so we weren't prepared with a bucket and shovel...but improvised with spoons and bowls from our picnic...he was happy with that!! Really neat place!!

What's this mom???

Picnic time

After having some fun at the park with all the sand, we had to make a trip to the Dollar Tree to find a pail and shovel. Of course, we have to go to the toy aisle too. After 45 minutes trying to decide, he picks this styrofoam $1 I ever spent...I ought to get a few more. He just loves flying it and chasing it too!

Chatterbox telling me a long winded like his mother!

Did NOT want to go inside

Yesterday, we decided to color some easter eggs. He loved it and was very good at it too...not messy at all. He really wants to eat the eggs though and doesn't want to wait for the Easter Bunny to hide them!

Ta-Da....looks at that craftmanship!

Chase had been watching Dino Dan and Dan had dino gear to go hunt dinosaurs. Chase caming running in and said "Mom, I need dino gear". So we found a hat, backpack, butterfly net (notice the dinosaur in it!) and he had tongs too...but not in this picture. He played forever hunting dinosaurs and he had daddy helping too. Daddy was wearing a cape...but he wouldn't allow a picture of that!! :)

The other night, our electricity went out and was out for about 30 minutes when we decided to take a ride and see what happened (found out later a transformer blew in the neighborhood). As we were getting ready to go, Chase asked where we were going and I told him we were going to go for a ride and try to figure out what happened to make the electricity go out and he says "Mom, it's a mystery". Where does he get these things???

Last night, I had gone to check on him in bed and he usually stirs when he hears me. He lifted his head, still asleep and says "hugs and kisses" so I lean down and puts his arms around me and gives me so love. He is so darn cute and sweet sometimes....good thing cause it helps make up for the times he is a little turd!!

Final picture from this morning. He loves to play and watch himself in this big mirror in the hall. He loved the picture of the two Chases....thank goodness there is only one!!