Sunday, January 9, 2011

A brand new year!

2011 is here!! I love fresh starts and am looking forward to a great new year.

Famous and I rang in the new year with several stops around town and hung out with several friends. We started out with dinner at Chilis and drinks at BWW with Adam and Stephanie. Then met James and Jaime at Das Stein Haus and later met up with Missy, Lee and Erin at C-Dubs. It was a fun, low key evening out in JC!

Who is this strange man??

Self portraits in the car!

Chase is having a great time playing with all his toys. He loves his Thomas trains and take along sets. Here he is playing with his Tidmouth Sheds set.

Do you see him peeking through the door?
Say cheese!

He also got some legos for Christmas too and we had to make some fun stuff with them. Over the summer, I had found some regular Legos (for older kids) at a garage sale and they all came with instructions to make these elaborate vehicles and such. They would take forever to make and I had to follow the instructions verbatim! So, naturally, we had to read the instructions for these legos too. We decided to make dinosaurs.
Last week, Mom and Dad got some free tickets to Mizzou game (thanks Neil!). It was fun to go and I had never been before. I enjoy watching basketball, but it is always fun to be there in person. The game was a blowout though!!

Chase also got a Thomas Zip, Zoom & Logging Adventure set for Christmas from Nana. We finally put it together tonight and he just loves it. He spent 45 minutes playing with it non-stop and if you know his attention spans...that is very out of the ordinary for him. As we went to bed tonight, I laid with him and we talked. I told him I was tired...he said "me too mama, I worked hard on my logging adventure tonight. I so tired". What a little man. And then he sang his ABC's to me and very well I might add too!
He is just becoming quite the little man, learning so much and growing so fast.