Monday, July 26, 2010

Got to get better

I have got to get better about posting here...two years (ha ha) from now when I am trying to scrapbook for 2010 I will be kicking myself that I didn't put more details here about what was going on with our family!!
July has been a busy month filled with swimming, fireworks, BBQs and fun with family and friends. Over the fourth, we did all of the above!! Spent time swimming and BBQ'ing with the Moats/Turner family, BBQ'd and visited with the Bybee/Jones family, lunch with Nana and KK, dinner with Gamma and Papaw...we did a lot that weekend, huh?? We even got a great fireworks show with all the neighbors around us putting on a great show. We watched from the deck in our jammies and Chase loved it!

Chase riding the dinosaur

Chase modeling his red, white and blue!

Having lunch with Charlotte and Claire at James and Jaime's house

Look at those cute flip flop tan lines!
A couple of weekends ago, we headed back to the pool and swam with Harper, Madeline, Steph and Adam. Adam made some yummy BBQ and as always, made way to much but it was so good. Chase has taken to swimming like a fish. He has gotten pretty good with stabilizing himself with the life jacket and was jumping into the pool to me by the end of the night. He also was the last one out of the pool too...he had a great time.

Loves some corn on the cob!!

Playing with Harper
I haven't been to garage sales in forever and decided to try it out again with Chase. We found a book for a quarter at the first one we got to and I gave Chase money to give to the man holding the sale. The guy told Chase that he could go ahead and keep the money and Chase got the cutest little excited look on his face. As we walked away, he looked up at me and said "get more coins mommy, go more garage sales!".....he was excited and thought we got coins at the sales instead of giving them away!! So now he has been on a mission to get coins from Nana and Gamma and Papaw, so they always have a little baggie filled with coins for his piggy bank. We have to go home right away and put them in the bank!

This weekend, I was cleaning in the kitchen and Chase saw a bag of chocolate donuts on the counter and had to have one. I only let him take a bite of one, cause they are so messy when you hold them. He said yum and went on his way....or so I thought. I went on cleaning and turned to grab a donut for myself and the bag was gone. I should have know when he didn't come back for more that he was up to something. I went into the living room and found him like this....chocolate donuts all over his face and hands...luckily he know not to touch anything, but boy he is sneaky!!

Two other quick stories about just how dang smart he is. On Sunday, he wanted to go get the mail, so we did and he likes to play with the envelopes and inserts. So he brought them to me and asked me to read them. I told him to read them to me. He open them up and said "once upon a time" was so darn cute. Then I continued on with "in a far away land" and "there lived a prince and princess" and then he repeats the story again for me.
And just this morning, he was in his crib at Gammas playing with the music player that plays "twinkle twinkle litte star" and he started singing the whole song. Of course, not exact, but you knew exactly what he was was so sweet. Gamma and I both had tears in our eyes! He is just growing up so darn fast! We can't keep up with him!