Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mr Man

Just a quick picture from this morning....Chase looked so dang cute and grown up just sitting on the couch. Plus his cute little shirt...he usually doesn't make it all day without changing his clothes, so no one seems him in his cute outfits, except for Famous and I in the mornings....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

His new favorite pose...pick me up!
Trying the new crawling move
With Great Grandma Stokes

Busy, busy again this week. Work is kicking my butt, but at least the day flies by. Chase is still working on crawling, although he has a new move now....he hikes up his one leg like he is going to move forward, but then he just rolls on his side from there. It is pretty funny to watch. He is still working on his two top teeth, they are coming in much slower than the first two...and he has his grumpy days with them. Sleeping is getting a little better, he is still waking but he is going back to sleep without eating, although he isn't always happy about it. He is eating like no tomorrow and loves everything he can get his hands on...the grandmas are into giving him the good stuff (cookies, ice cream, peach cobbler) but he really still loves anything you give him. He is growing like a leaf and I would love to see what his stats are....he is getting close to needing a new carseat because he is approaching the weight limit of his current one! And he is getting so long too! We are getting closer and closer to the wedding with lots of little things to wrap up, so I am just a little crazy around here!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

30 weeks......

Captain Drool...fitting for this boy!
Sweet smiles
Pick me up Daddy!
Some baby shower invites I am doing for a friend

30 weeks old today, closing in on 7 months this week! Still can't believe how he has become such a little man and has his own personality. He is just getting so big and learning new things. He is sitting great now and is doing some major rocking on his hands and knees. Grandma and Grandpa have been trying to show him how to crawl...but he is still not there yet. He loves being toted around everywhere. He is starting to get a little lovey when he is tired, I have so been waiting for that. Last night he spent an hour just kicked back cuddling with us and it was so sweet. He was in the chair with Famous and I would look over at him and he would see me and just give this sweet is so dang cute! He is still not doing good at night...he goes down fine at 7 but then is up between 10-11 and then 3-4. He won't take his pacifier anymore and they only thing that calms him is a small bottle, then he goes back to sleep. Short of letting him cry, we are not sure what to do. I hope this is just a phase.... I think his teeth are still bothering him too. They are taking much longer to come out than the bottom two did.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Pooped on the way home
Hat # 1
Hat # 2
I can sit
Playing in the clothes tub

I have three posts with lots of pictures, so keep scrolling....

Yesterday, we headed back to town around 1o:30. Chase was sacked out in the car and unbelievably, he slept til 1:00...I kept checking on him. I think he was just plain wore out. The he was up from 1-3 and played and then fell asleep with me again. Poor guy....he was just tired and not feeling well. It seems like the only time he wants to be cuddled and loved on is when he is sick.

With the cool spell from the weekend, I decided I better get out his fall clothes that I had packed up and see what we were working with. I think he is going to have plenty of clothes, with the exception of maybe a few sleepers or pjs. We had to try on some winter hats of course and then threw him in the clothes tub too!!

Getting back on track

Hey, I think I know you from somewhere!
Another picture, mom?
Hey, who's got my ear???
He's got me!
Help, mom, save me!
Mr. Gavin

Now posting from last week and the weekend.....

Last week, Chase seemed to be doing well and getting better from his cold. Less sneezing and stuffy nose. At least he was back to sleeping in the crib sans the car seat and pretty much sleeping all night again. Friday, we went down to the lake for the Stokes "weekend after Labor Day" weekend. We shared a condo/cabin with Jim, Beth and Gavin. They had a lot of fun just looking at each was the first time they have really got to spend any extended time together. Everyone can't wait for next year when they will be running around. The boys did really good and we didn't wake each other up at least..... It was kind of cool down there and I totally packed wrong for the weekend. But I did have a few things for Chase to wear. The condo was kind of musty and stuff, so we all came back with stuffy noses and sneezing again. Mr Man IS cutting two more teeth on top like we thought. I am glad we are doing two at a time, cause I hate seeing him go through that. He has been tugging at his ear too, so I am hoping he does not have an ear infection.

Chase is sitting like a pro now and doing much better with his balance from side to side, he is also getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth too. Mostly, he is scooting backwards, but he is getting the hang of it. This weekend, he got to try all kinds of fun foods, mostly because he wanted something to chew on with his more french fries, baked potato, cantelope, celery, green pepper, coffee cake...must explain the terrible diapers he has been having!!

Two weeks ago

Me and Dad at the park
Me and mom too!
Chewing and showing off teeth
Trying out the sippy cup
So Bev called me out for being a slacker....I am two weeks late. Work has been busy busy, I got a promotion to the meetings director, so I will be doing all meeting planning but I am still the membership director overseeing all things membership too. Plus we are a man down, so that is my excuse.

Let's see....two weeks ago....Chase is doing good, we thought he was teething ago, evidenced by all the chewing and drooling he is doing on everything he can put in his mouth. Last weekend, we went and walked around Memorial Park and he loved it. That boy loves anything outside. He is eating like a champ and has now tried green beans, peaches and sweet peas too. Pretty much likes anything we give him. One day he turned his nose up at the green beans so we gave him the bottle first, then he was fine with them afterword. He tried out the sippy cup too and did pretty good. He has also had some french fries and baked potato too...lovin the potatoes like his mom...amazingly he hasn't got to try the mashed potatoes to get on that!