Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas at Great Grandma Stokes'

Who are you??
Mr. Gavin
Mr Chase

Last but not least....Christmas dinner at Great Grandma Stokes'. Dinner was lasagna, salad, garlic bread and lots of desserts. Can you tell we like to eat??? We are getting more and more crowded each year and this year was no exception! Gavin and Chase were the hit of the night, of course, as they always are! Thank you to everyone for all the fun gifts for Chase, he got lots of toys, some clothes, hat and mittens, books and a savings bond.

Everyone (family and friends) are so generous at this time of year and Chase, Famous and I just want to let you all know how appreciative we are for everything....your love, support and friendship. We love you!

Christmas at the Lewis'

Honking the horn
Playing with Grandma Joan

We went to visit Grandma Joan and Aunt Kay for Christmas lunch. We had ham, ribs, potato salad, greens, cornbread...yum!! Chase liked the ham and potato salad and the ooey gooey cake too. On to round three for the presents...Chase got a ride on Tonka truck that makes lots of fun sounds...engine starting, blinker, horn....he loved it. He got a pop-up pal toy and a hammer and work bench toy that he loves to pound on. Grandma and Kay also gave us all some cash too, which is always fun to spend!!

Christmas Morning

Show those pearly whites!
Chase on his giraffe

All these toys make me tired!

Christmas morning was lots of fun....Chase was a very good boy and got lots of gift from Santa. The living room now looks like a toy store or a daycare!! And the toys are only getting bigger now. Santa brought him a go & grow giraffe, some nesting blocks, shape sorter, cars and clothes. We had a fun morning playing.

Christmas Eve

Love playing with the tags
Sweet smile
Helping dad open presents

Chase and Lucy

Several posts today....
We spent Christmas Eve at Granny and Grandpa Stokes' this year with Great Grandma Stokes too. We had a yummy dinner of roast, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls...all of which Chase enjoyed! He is back to eating pretty normally again. Granny and Grandpa went overboard for Christmas this year, but it is much appreciated. Chase ripped a few gifts, but liked playing with the tags more than anything. He loves all his toys...he got a Leap Frog table (Great Grandma Stokes got him one too, so one stays at Granny's), basketball goal (which he is a pro at already), nesting squares, books, clothes, activity walker, blocks and more. I got some cool scrapbooking stuff...a guillotine paper trimmer and Scor-Pal (I know...what is that?) that I really wanted, Famous got some pajama pants, new slippers, tools and toolbox and we also got a new photo printer and a blow up bed that we wanted. Way too much but lots of fun. Thanks Granny and Grandpa for everything...it was lots of fun.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Visiting Santa

Chase and Santa
The bruiser

A few Christmas decorations

We finally got to go see Santa this weekend. Chase did really good, he sat in his lap and just kept looking up at him, wondering, who is this guy. After a couple of looks, he started wimpering and turning that lip out...but never cried....so I swooped him off his lap before he could get to scared. Then we just stood and talked to him for a while.

Otherwise, the weekend went way to fast again. I got some presents wrapped Friday, worked on Saturday, trip to Walmart and the mall Sunday, dinner at Mom and Dads and it was time to start all over again. Looking forward to a long weekend together and Chase's first Christmas. I am starting to worry we won't have room to move at home after it is all over....I am pretty sure the Grandma's went way overboard and Santa probably did too!! Oh well, that is what is so fun about Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pictures as promised

From this morning - Santa's sweet little helper
Eating cheerios

Downtime with Dad, not feeling so good

Ready to take off any day
Attacking the cheerios

He really does like applesauce...he is saying mmmmmmm

Playing with his maraca!

Reading intently

Just a few pictures over the last couple of weeks.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Out of commission

They say that women get sick twice as much when they become mothers....I will have to agree with that. Chase had his first bout with the stomach flu starting Thursday and took out me and Grandma Stokes with him on Friday night and then Grandpa on Saturday night. Somehow Famous escaped it...so far, but his birthday was yesterday, so I we will let that one slide. Hope everyone saw the happy ad for his birthday...Chase is getting really good at getting those in the paper...seems like there has been lots of occasions for it recently!
The weekend was a long one...note to self....please only be sick on weekdays going forward...there is no more laying around when you are sick...especially when you have a baby to entertain and make feel better. Luckily, he was feeling better by Sunday but the awful diarrhea is still here. That boy has had what seems like two baths a day for the past week! His poor appetite is gone too...he has had bananas, rice and applesauce for days now. He just turns up his nose to the toast and bread now..not sure why. And he has been gagging on foods now too...I hope this is all associated with being sick and passes.
In other news, he is now saying ba ba for his bottle...unlike Gavin, I think this boy is seriously attached to his bottle. He drinks from a sippy cup but he lives for the bottle. At least we won't have to break him from a pacifier...if it is not one thing, it is another. He is walking along the furniture when he wants something and he is squating down to pick up things while standing and getting back up. Every once in a while, he does this little dance number too, but it is always at Grandma Stokes' house for some reason!! He has found everyone's ears too and loves to push your head to the side to play with them. It is so fun getting him in the morning or picking him up from daycare, his face just lights up and he gets so excited..it is too cute. More later and I promise some pics too!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Wonderful Thanksgiving

Playing drums with the Elvis snarl....
Under the jumperoo again!
The boys with aunt Steph
Gavin and Chase
Grandma Joan and Chase
Aunt Kay and Chase
Chase and Grandpa on the tractor

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving....we did! We enjoyed two yummy dinners and as usual, stuffed ourselves. Chase enjoyed his first Thanksgiving dinners...plural...he was stuffed too! He loved it all...turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, gravy, jello, pumpkin pie....so much so that I think he is now boycotting the jar food. He was not having the turkey and rice from the jar I tried to feed him on Saturday night. So he had some of Grandma Joans leftovers and loved it...funny to see him turn up his nose at one thing and devour the next thing! So that meant some different shopping on Sunday. We got him some whole wheat waffles, pancakes, fruit, frozen veggies, soup, etc. Sunday, I tried some cut up pears that he did not like...maybe the texture of it?? So then he had some mashed up banana that he loved. For dinner, some of my potato soup and applesauce. I think he is in heaven!! No turning back now!!
Every morning now we find Chase standing up in his crib waiting for us, which is something he hadn't done, even though he has been pulling up on furniture for a while. Teeth # 7 & 8 have cut through, but I think they are still hurting him, poor guy. Thursday and Friday were great days for him but Saturday and Sunday he was a little cranky. I think it was a mixture of the teeth and the fact that he was sick of looking at his Mom and Dad for 4 days...we just are not nearly as entertaining as the kids at daycare!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

9 months and two more teeth

Playing with his computer
Mr Serious
There's that smile
I promise I'm being good Mom!

Getting toys out of his toybox
Bucky beaver :)...looks like he has one tooth!!
...sacked out in mom & dad's bed

Chase celebrated his 9 month birthday last week!! Last week was not great, he was sick again with a runny nose and cough this time. He wasn't sleeping very good, so we propped him up on pillows in bed with us and he slept much better. He is finally getting over it and has felt much better the last couple of days, except he now has cut two more teeth on the bottom. They at least cut through pretty quick though.

Today was his 9 month check and he weighed 22lbs 13 ozs and was 29 1/4 inches long. He is in the 75th to 90th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height and head circumference...so a well proportioned boy! He actually weighed the same as he did when I had him in for a cold about 6 weeks ago, which Dr Rogers said was normal now that he is moving around a lot more and will probably gain at a slower pace for a while....good thing, he is outgrowing everything!! Oh well, gotta eat!! He got the go ahead for more table foods and soft meats, so it looks like he gets some Thanksgiving turkey!

He is babbling a lot these days, saying lots of dadadada but very few mamamamas...darn it! He is pulling up on everything, standing against furniture and even moving along the furniture very slowly. He does well getting himself back down to the ground too. He has to be whereever we are at all times and doesn't like being alone in a room for long. He likes to give you things when you ask for them and then he holds his hand out to get it back!! He will crawl over whatever is in front of him to get where he wants, including toys, the cat, mom & dad, etc.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Email alerts

If you previously got email alerts when I posted to the blog, but don't any longer....you need to sign up again at the right. I think when I changed templates, I deleted this service....Sorry!!

Such a little man

On the go!
Little man
How many pictures are you gonna take Mom?
Coming after the camera!
Chase is becoming quite the little man....as these pictures show...doesn't he look like he could be 2 years old?? He is getting really good at crawling and he is out of your sight in a flash now. He is also getting up on his knees, pulling up on furniture and last night he stood up while holding onto the ottoman. This is happening just a little too fast for me...where did my little bitty baby go??

Not many pics this week...I worked most of the weekend with a MDA meeting and then had things to do on Sunday too...seems like it was just Friday. How time flies...it will be Christmas before you know it!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Calling me out....

Gavin @ Ria's
Chase @ Ria's
Big boy in the tub
My little monkey
Jaime & Chase
Grandma Joan & Chase
Dad & Chase
I know, haven't been here in a while....just too busy. Chase was sick last week, so no really prime picture taking moments....unless you like snot and boogers...I know, that was bad!! Anyway, he is feeling better and seems to be coming around finally.
He is 37 weeks old today...wow, time really does fly...hard to believe he is about to hit the 9 month mark. He is really getting to be so active...he did his first true crawling on Halloween. He will take 4-5 "crawls" but when he flops on his belly, it is back to the army crawl or the worm...but he has got the concept down for sure!! We have to start putting the gate up all the time now, cause if you walk out of the room, he is gone in a flash and gets himself into some tight spaces. He is doing "patty cake" like a champ, waving bye every once in a while and picking up food and actually getting it to his mouth!! He loves to play with his toys and torture the cat, but Myth is being a good sport about it! He graduated to the big tub and seems to like it, especially with some new toys.
Yesterday, we went to dinner at Ria's for Great Grandma Stokes' birthday and then to Mom and Dad's for cake and ice cream afterwards. The boys had a good time entertaining everyone!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our Wedding Day

Little man getting dressed....thanks Donna for all your help!!
Joan, Famous, Mandy, Kay and Jibari
Tom, Famous, James, Mandy, Jaime, Mary

Here are just a few shots from my camera (thanks Connie!) from the wedding. What a beautiful day it was. We are so thankful for all our family and friends who could attend. We hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed themselves....we certainly did. A huge thank you to Mom and Dad....it was a beautiful day and we are so appreciative of everything you did. As much as I loved the day, I am so very happy it is October 19 and things can slowly get back to normal around here....can you believe it is only one month til Thanksgiving and two months to Christmas....I haven't even thought about either yet!! I am behind already!

Everyone who has sent pictures, thank you and keep them coming....I love seeing the different shots that everyone got! I will keep adding as I get them...