Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Out of commission

They say that women get sick twice as much when they become mothers....I will have to agree with that. Chase had his first bout with the stomach flu starting Thursday and took out me and Grandma Stokes with him on Friday night and then Grandpa on Saturday night. Somehow Famous escaped it...so far, but his birthday was yesterday, so I we will let that one slide. Hope everyone saw the happy ad for his birthday...Chase is getting really good at getting those in the paper...seems like there has been lots of occasions for it recently!
The weekend was a long one...note to self....please only be sick on weekdays going forward...there is no more laying around when you are sick...especially when you have a baby to entertain and make feel better. Luckily, he was feeling better by Sunday but the awful diarrhea is still here. That boy has had what seems like two baths a day for the past week! His poor appetite is gone too...he has had bananas, rice and applesauce for days now. He just turns up his nose to the toast and bread now..not sure why. And he has been gagging on foods now too...I hope this is all associated with being sick and passes.
In other news, he is now saying ba ba for his bottle...unlike Gavin, I think this boy is seriously attached to his bottle. He drinks from a sippy cup but he lives for the bottle. At least we won't have to break him from a pacifier...if it is not one thing, it is another. He is walking along the furniture when he wants something and he is squating down to pick up things while standing and getting back up. Every once in a while, he does this little dance number too, but it is always at Grandma Stokes' house for some reason!! He has found everyone's ears too and loves to push your head to the side to play with them. It is so fun getting him in the morning or picking him up from daycare, his face just lights up and he gets so excited..it is too cute. More later and I promise some pics too!

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