Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Checking in

There is that grin I was talking about
More cheese....

Hello all...can you believe that it is almost February? Been waiting for the big snow and I am still not seeing it here....cmon, I want a snow day!
Things have calmed down a little in the Lewis house, at least I am not out of town again for a while. Chase is doing good..just growing and growing. We are planning the big first birthday party, can't wait for that! Not much new to report...he is still walking behind his walker toys, but not taking steps on his own. He has this cheesy expression now where he squints his eyes and smiles big...so picture taking is difficult...I have all these pictures with his eyes half open....kind of like he is actually saying "cheese"! He likes to combine the walking with the squinting and it makes for some good "crash and burns". Have to get that on tape...he had Grandma Stokes in tears the other day.
He is really imitating the kids at daycare....trying to do the stuff they do. He loves to bring books to me to read but then he only stays around for a couple of pages and shuts the book and then it starts all over again. He likes to try and climb up me by grabbing and tugging on my shirts. He is still saying Mama, but mostly when he is hungry, tired or grumpy! And doing other babbles, grunts and screams...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

11 months already

Gosh, can you believe it has been 11 months already? Chase is just getting so big and growing each day, it is just crazy. He celebrated his 11 month birthday by finally saying "mama"! Yah and I actually think he knows that it means me too!
I know I am biased but he is just so darn smart too! Yesterday, Famous was vacuuming downstairs while Chase and I were upstairs. I had vacuumed the day before and that vacuum was still sitting and the hallway and he just kept watching that vacuum in the hallway...cause he knew that the vacuum made that same noise and he was making sure it wasn't going to come after him! Some days he likes it, other days it scares him. Then he and Famous were watching the MLK speech on TV. At the end, you can hear the audience clapping and Chase starts to clap too...it was just so sweet. Yesterday, Chase and I met Grandma Mary for lunch and I asked him to tell mama hi and he waved to me. He has also started to point at things he wants too. You just don't even realize the things he picks up on. He is more and more starting to walk behind his walker toys, it is so funny to watch him...I have to get that on tape!!
My first MDA meeting went well but I am so glad it is over! Now on to the next one. I missed my boys terribly and Chase was so excited to see me when I got home. It made me tear up a little.

We are starting to plan his first birthday party too. I just wonder what he will be doing when he turns 1......

Monday, January 12, 2009

We're still here...

Slam dunk - 2 points...a future NBA star???
Playing with his shirt half on....always a struggle to keep him still and get him dressed!

Playing with his truck
Another goofy smile!

Just trying to make it to next week. We have our big annual winter CE meeting this weekend and this is the first one I am in charge of....can I just say I am ready for Sunday already. Just a quick post with pictures.

Not alot new with us...same old stuff...Chase is still cruising around furniture, but no real push to walk at this point...I am sure he will do it when he is ready. He is walking behind those walker toys, but that is about it. Still saying da-da, ba-ba and lots of babble but no ma-mas (that I can be sure of...they sound an awful lot like ba-bas right now)! He knows hi and bye and gives you a cute little wave with them. He loves to shake his head to back and forth when you say no-no and laugh. He is just too cute. He is eating lots of new things too....just about whatever he can get his hands on. He was eating more pizza from Ria's than I was. I was eating in the living room and he would crawl up and get some cheese, crawl to the other side of the room and right back for more...too cute!

Over New Year's, he was sick with 102.3 fever New Year's Eve and 104.6 fever the next night, but it broke that next morning. Poor guy, seems like he is always sick. I asked Dr Rogers what am I doing wrong here....he said "you had him" and laughed. Seems they will go through 10-15 colds, etc between Thanksgiving and March...yah...