Monday, January 12, 2009

We're still here...

Slam dunk - 2 points...a future NBA star???
Playing with his shirt half on....always a struggle to keep him still and get him dressed!

Playing with his truck
Another goofy smile!

Just trying to make it to next week. We have our big annual winter CE meeting this weekend and this is the first one I am in charge of....can I just say I am ready for Sunday already. Just a quick post with pictures.

Not alot new with us...same old stuff...Chase is still cruising around furniture, but no real push to walk at this point...I am sure he will do it when he is ready. He is walking behind those walker toys, but that is about it. Still saying da-da, ba-ba and lots of babble but no ma-mas (that I can be sure of...they sound an awful lot like ba-bas right now)! He knows hi and bye and gives you a cute little wave with them. He loves to shake his head to back and forth when you say no-no and laugh. He is just too cute. He is eating lots of new things too....just about whatever he can get his hands on. He was eating more pizza from Ria's than I was. I was eating in the living room and he would crawl up and get some cheese, crawl to the other side of the room and right back for more...too cute!

Over New Year's, he was sick with 102.3 fever New Year's Eve and 104.6 fever the next night, but it broke that next morning. Poor guy, seems like he is always sick. I asked Dr Rogers what am I doing wrong here....he said "you had him" and laughed. Seems they will go through 10-15 colds, etc between Thanksgiving and March...yah...

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