Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Fun

In the pool with mama
The boys at dinner
You the man!
Cool dude!
Helping in the kitchen

This past weekend was a fun one. Saturday we blew up Chase's new pool...which I thought was going to be bigger...but not so much. But he had fun, so that was all the mattered. it looks like an alligator and the head sprays water out of if. We all had fun, I got a little sun and Chase got to splash me a whole lot! Saturday evening, we headed to Columbia to have dinner at Olive Garden. Beth happened to call while we were on our way and she, Jim and Gavin were able to join us. The boys had a good time together and dinner was very good....we ordered and ate too much! Sunday, we just hung out at home, trying to get some cleaning done in between playing and napping! That evening, I was trying to get dinner done and prepare some dinners for the week and Chase just constantly wants to be underneath me when I am cooking. He wants to be held and be able to watch, but I don't like him so close to the stove (not to mention, it is hard to hold him and cook!!) So he got into the lazy susan and proceeded to take everything out and put it onto the floor (see helping pic above....). But it did keep him occupied and luckily, he likes to put stuff back too, so that helps!!

Chase is still a chatterbox and saying lots of new words....like Eleanor (girl at the sitters), hot dog, coo-cok (cookie) and the list goes on. I need to make a new list...it is so hard to remember them all. He is really repeating a lot of what we say and we kind of have to stop and think, did he just say what I think he said??? I can't wait til he starts putting words together!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Proud Papa!
Walking with Dad

Driving Grampa's tractor
What a hot weekend it was! Man, the weather is just crazy. Didn't do a whole lot this weekend, got out and about both days, but not for long. We had to make a Central Dairy run on Saturday...Chase loves hot fudge sundaes! I was actually off on Friday and Monday and spent the time switching my craft room and Chase's room. Big man needed some more space to run around. He is loving it too....plus we can move some toys from the living room to his room now. My craft space is not loving it...considering I moved into a room half the size it was. I have done some creative organizing for sure. I will put up some pictures of his room when it is complete. The room is done, but no pictures on the wall yet. Sunday, we went to G&G Stokes' for yummy BBQ dinner with Grandma Stokes too. Always so much food...of course, Chase was being picky again, this too shall pass....I hope!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lots of posts

Look at those teeth!

Lots of posts today, it's been a couple of weeks since I have last been here. I had a big work meeting this past weekend that has kept me really busy. Mr Man has been doing really good lately, although we are starting to see the tantrums that the PAT lady has talked about. Luckily, they are usually short and sweet for now, but I am sure we have yet to see the extent of them. Chase is just getting more and more grown up every day. Learning new things, mimicking mom and dad, waving and saying hi to all the ladies!

Every morning, he loves to say and point out the parts of our face....mouth, nose, ears and eyes, but he won't yet do it on himself. Looks like we need to practice on him in the mirror. He is picking up more and more words and repeating things that we do. He loves the song...boom, boom, boom by the Black Eyed Peas and likes to dance along. He is adding new words all the time, like boon (balloon), bus, mou (mouth), nos (nose) and tries to repeat sounds that Famous makes. He loves helping me out around the house...he likes to use the swiffer vacuum until the battery dies down, sweeping the kitchen and using the mop too. He likes to use the vacuum cleaner too (meaning we hold him while we vacuum and he holds the handle!) He will help out by taking things to the trash can and he loves to watch us cook. He just wants to be in the middle of everything all the time!


I had a MDA meeting at the Lake this past weekend, so I was gone from Thursday and got back Saturday afternoon. So the boys were baching it....can you say chicken nuggets and frozen pizzas? On the way home, I told Famous to try and keep Chase awake til I got home, but when I arrived this is what I found! We were all pretty pooped from the weekend.

Tool Time

Driving grampa's van
What'cha doing dad?

What needs fixing around here?

So much to do, so little time!

Last week, Grampa and Granny came over to help install a new hose reel we got for the house. Chase, of course, had to get in on the action and wanted to help out. Looks like we need to get the boy some tools and a tool bench. He has the motions down! He also loved driving Grampa's van....we couldn't hardly get him out of it.

Serious Boy

Chase loves to smile, laugh and giggle, but he has his serious moments too...... He just is so inquisitive and is always checking things out...how they work, what they do.

First Haircut

A week ago Saturday, we took Chase to get his first haircut. The curls were just getting a little wild and crazy, so we thought it was time. He did really good, much better than I thought he would. He is just such a busy body, it was hard getting him to sit still.

Before shot.....
During....lots of hair in the Cherrios!

Checking himself out in the mirror!

After shot....we left the curls in the back.

All grown up!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Go Cardinals!

Team Pujols
Go Cards!
Future Cardinal

Famous and I get to go to the Cards game tonight...even more exciting is that is in a corporate box....air conditioning, free beer, free food, flat screen tv, comfy chairs....so we are looking forward to a good time. Chase is spending the night with G&G Stokes, as we won't get home till pretty late.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Giddy Up

Giddy up horsey....err, giraffe!

I'm gonna get you....loves to go after the camera!

A few pictures from the weekend...I have been really bad and forgetting the camera or never having it in the right place at the right time.

Chase has been having a fun time on this little giraffe (I am probably confusing him cause I keep calling it a horsey!). It is pretty comical watching him try and try to get on the thing. He keeps hiking his leg up but then his other leg is too far away from the giraffe to get on. Then he tries to back up and sit on it. He did get one leg on and then I found him standing on the seat and holding onto the handles rocking...the boy has some balance and strength for sure.

He had a pretty good weekend. His leg is much better, but I think his teeth are still bothering him. He didn't nap well on Saturday and boy, could you tell it. We went to Jim and Beth's for her surprise party on Saturday and stayed for a few hours while Chase stayed at Grandma Joans. He had a good time playing with her!

Sunday, he was up early, before 6 this time. This boy keeps getting up earlier and earlier....we have to work on this....mommy and daddy need some sleep! He did take a long nap though that morning and when he got up, we went and got Granny Stokes and went to lunch at Applebees. The little turkey was too busy flirting and waving to the waitresses and little girls, that we could barely get him to eat lunch. He would have a bite here and there but his appetite has certainly decreased lately. After lunch, we drove down to Grampa's weigh in at St Thomas. Chase was engrossed in watching the water, all the boats and people. At first, he didn't know Grampa, cause he had his sunglasses and hat on...it took him a minute to warm up. He finished 7th out of 31 boats, pretty good, but still out of the money. Chase feel asleep on the way home. I think the fresh air did him some good!
Chase has been talking up a storm lately and babbling jibberish just as much. I've been wanting to list some of his words, so I could come up with a number. The PAT lady said he would probably have 50-75 words by the end of the summer and I said "no way" but I may eat my words soon! So his words to date (at least his version!):
  1. dada
  2. mama
  3. apple (apul)
  4. bird (burd)
  5. rabbit (rabber)
  6. grampa (ampa)
  7. moo for a cow
  8. up
  9. pizza (baba) - said it this weekend several times when eating Ria's!
  10. book
  11. cat
  12. pup
  13. ball
I think that is it....but it is quickly expanding.