Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Proud Papa!
Walking with Dad

Driving Grampa's tractor
What a hot weekend it was! Man, the weather is just crazy. Didn't do a whole lot this weekend, got out and about both days, but not for long. We had to make a Central Dairy run on Saturday...Chase loves hot fudge sundaes! I was actually off on Friday and Monday and spent the time switching my craft room and Chase's room. Big man needed some more space to run around. He is loving it we can move some toys from the living room to his room now. My craft space is not loving it...considering I moved into a room half the size it was. I have done some creative organizing for sure. I will put up some pictures of his room when it is complete. The room is done, but no pictures on the wall yet. Sunday, we went to G&G Stokes' for yummy BBQ dinner with Grandma Stokes too. Always so much food...of course, Chase was being picky again, this too shall pass....I hope!

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