Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Fun

In the pool with mama
The boys at dinner
You the man!
Cool dude!
Helping in the kitchen

This past weekend was a fun one. Saturday we blew up Chase's new pool...which I thought was going to be bigger...but not so much. But he had fun, so that was all the mattered. it looks like an alligator and the head sprays water out of if. We all had fun, I got a little sun and Chase got to splash me a whole lot! Saturday evening, we headed to Columbia to have dinner at Olive Garden. Beth happened to call while we were on our way and she, Jim and Gavin were able to join us. The boys had a good time together and dinner was very good....we ordered and ate too much! Sunday, we just hung out at home, trying to get some cleaning done in between playing and napping! That evening, I was trying to get dinner done and prepare some dinners for the week and Chase just constantly wants to be underneath me when I am cooking. He wants to be held and be able to watch, but I don't like him so close to the stove (not to mention, it is hard to hold him and cook!!) So he got into the lazy susan and proceeded to take everything out and put it onto the floor (see helping pic above....). But it did keep him occupied and luckily, he likes to put stuff back too, so that helps!!

Chase is still a chatterbox and saying lots of new words....like Eleanor (girl at the sitters), hot dog, coo-cok (cookie) and the list goes on. I need to make a new list...it is so hard to remember them all. He is really repeating a lot of what we say and we kind of have to stop and think, did he just say what I think he said??? I can't wait til he starts putting words together!

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