Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16th already??

1.31.10....fell asleep on the couch with me...love it!

2.1.10...ringing Nana's doorbell

2.2.10....posing while sitting on his upside down chair

2.3.10....he had to wear his cards hat (that he got for his first birthday!)...I think we need another hat!

2.4.10....riding to the babysitter's

2.5.10.....huge snowflakes today, but no accumulation

2.6.10....playing Superman with Daddy..notice the cape!

2.7.10.....the aftermath....potato flakes all over the floor!

2.8.10....some Superbowl snacks...meatballs YUM!!

2.9.10....my BB

2.10.10....my daddy!

2.11.10....ode to the Cardinals in Chase's room

2.12.10....wrestling with daddy

2.13.10....Mardi Gras with the Moats'

2.14.10...Valentine's Day self portrait

2.15.10....trying on daddy's new hat...love this picture!

Wow, I can't believe how time flies around here. Can't keep up at all. So much going on between work, family and home. But I guess that is a good thing! Looking forward to Chase's birthday party this weekend. If you didn't receive an invite, it is only because we are keeping it small this year and just invited grandparents and a couple of Chase's buddies. We know you will keep Chase in your thoughts on Thursday as he turns two! He is so very lucky to have a wonderful group of family and friends. He is having a barnyard/farm party since he just loves barns and animals, so I will post pictures from the day for sure.

Over the weekend, Famous and I enjoyed a quick trip to St Louis for Mardi Gras with our friends, Adam and Stephanie. It's funny that we first discovered Mardi Gras in St Louis (by accident!) with them so many years ago. Famous and I were counting and we have now been to five of them in St Louis. Our first was in 2003 with a few years off since Chase came along. We had a great time and was nice to enjoy some free time away!

Chase continues to show great verbal skills, putting together sentences more and more. Just today, he gave me an empty juice box and said "put in trash can mama" and when he is ready to go he says "get coat go bye bye". He is just such a smart cookie! Along with all that smartness comes more and more mischief...note the potato flake incident above. I am sure we are just beginning to enter the terrible twos...he is such a turkey, but you just can't help but to laugh at some of the things he does, even though you know he is testing our limits! Oh well, this too will pass.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Project 365

So, I got called out on my Project365 pictures (thanks Donna!) and am back at. I am doing pretty good, the hardest part is just having my camera with me at the right time. For the most part I have done a decent job...I think!

1.13.10.....walking in Papaw's boots..he loved it!
1.14.10...some scrapbooking...a month in review from last May

1.15.10....singing into his microphone
1.17.10....scrapping again from last May...look how much they have changed!

1.18.10...brushing teeth before bed

1.19.10....future fisherman
1.20.10...packing for Columbia work meeting...kitty always has to get in the suitcase

1.21.10....50 year licensee luncheon at work...Madisons..YUM!!
1.22.10....after having a few :) drinks and dinner in Columbia at Sycamore

1.23.10...Margie with one of our dentist members who looks like Eric Clapton
1.24.10.....making some valentines
1.25.10...Chase i the hamper...he had me put a blanket over it so he could hide! This was before he fell over in it and cut his lip...just a little blood!
1.26.10....decided I better get a theme and invitations for Chase's 2nd birthday. Doing a farm theme and digitally scrapping his invitations with this set above...

1.28.10....family dinner night...Chase and Gavin got some buddy time together

1.29.10...so this is what 4" of snow looks like....no snow day today!