Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I know...long time, no see.  Life is so busy these days....always something to do, someplace to go.  You work all day, lucky to cook dinner by 6:30, then it's bedtime and I always wonder where the day went.  

Chase definitely keeps us on our toes.  He is such a busy body and never sits still for long....always on the go.  He has not been happy with this yucky weather lately, cause it means no time outside, which he just loves.  Most days, if we don't have errands after work, we walk next door to Gamma and Papaws after daycare and play outside.  Chase loves playing with Lucy, crashing his cars and eating some good snacks.  


Some of his other favorite things...playing marching band, playing with cars and trucks, reading books, coloring, playing with sticker books, playdoh and blocks.  Chase is just talking up a storm and comes up with things that we have no idea how he learns them. When he wants to walk up and down the stairs without holding my hand, he tells me "I do it by myself mama", now his blankets are no longer just "bb's"....they are "fish bb", "wobot bb", "aipane bb", you ask him what he wants to drink and he chooses "mlk, apul juice or wa-wa", he tells you what kind of gummies he wants..."pongebob, nemo or dor dor", he tell us "night night, luv you mama and dada" at bedtime.  Anytime he wants you to do something for him or with him, he grabs your hand and says "come one mama (or dada, nana, papaw, gamma).  Just so full of words and very cognizant of sounds and what they are.  He heard papaw hammering in the other room and said "tap tap", he hears an airplane flying above and says "aipane high in sky", if he hears a dog barking, he says "uh-oh, big puppy dog".  Driving each day is fun as he names off stuff he sees...school buses, yellow car, bicycle.  

A few weeks ago, Adam, Stephanie, Harper and Madeline came over for dinner and the kids had a blast!  Chase just loves playing with other kids, especially boys, since he only has girls to play with at daycare.  Chase just follows Harper around in awe!

Chase loves to ham it up for the camera and consequently, it seems like I never get good pictures....his eyes are either half closed, I get him turning his back or he just won't smile.  I won't bore you with the gory details, but here a few good ones...and some outtakes!!

Went to the winery this past weekend with Adam and Stephanie for a little time away.  Good food and drink but hated that it was raining cats and dogs and we were all squished inside.  I was really looking forward to sitting outside on the patio.  

Oh and because I don't think I have ever posted pictures of my beautiful kitchen (to me!), here are those too!  I absolutely love it!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quick digital page

Here is a quick digital scrapbook page I did for St Patty's Day......hope you like it. I do enjoy working with digital but really miss my paper scrapbooking.  I haven't touched it since before we started the kitchen and I am itching to get back in there. 

Happy Easter!

What a beautiful weekend it was and so lucky to have a great day on Easter!  We had a fun day spending time with Nana and Kay for breakfast and Easter baskets in the morning and with the Stokes family for Easter dinner and Chase's first egg hunt.  He had a great time and caught on quickly to hunting eggs. 

His goodies at home

At Nana and Kay's house

Bunny ears...they didn't stay on for long!

Ready and waiting....