Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello Again

Watching toons
At the MU game
Playing in the leaves with Gampa
More leaves
Can't you just hear the sound effects?
Jaime and James at Ria's
Feeding Elmo-- he is becoming quite the little daddy!

Daddy tickling Chase...look at those teeth!
First Anniversary@ Ria's

Hi to everyone who keeps up with this blog! I need to get back to posting every week again, I am going to make a real effort!
On Saturday, the MDA had our annual Day at the Game at Mizzou Homecoming. We had tailgating with beverages and a catered meal across from the Stadium and then to the game. It was a fun time, even though the game was a blow out. That pretty much took up most of the day and we were beat by the time we got home. Chase spent the afternoon and night with G&G Stokes. I think he wore them out, but good news is he took good naps and slept well for them through the night. They must have wore him out too, cause he took 2 - 2 hour naps yesterday! I had to wake him up last night from his evening nap.
The weekend before, we celebrated our first anniversary and went out to dinner with friends to Ria's. We had a good time and enjoyed the company and adult time out!

Other than that, not much else new going on. I love fall weekends, cause we like staying in and getting cozy in our pjs and just relaxing. That is what the weekends are about, right??

Friday, October 16, 2009

Getting crafty

So these days, I haven't been crafting much lately, just when I have too. But I had a request from a friend to alter some letters that she bought for her two boys, Jayden and Jordan. She had done their rooms in dinosaurs and the colors were brown, orange, blue and white. I just happened to have these scrapbook papers and embellishments that I bought to use for Chase and I think they worked perfect. I hope she likes them, I think they turned out very cute.

Great ideas for Christmas or baby gifts if you are interested!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Festival

Feeding himself yogurt...the only way he will eat anymore.
Ready for fall
Snack breaks
Another snack break....and we wonder why he is off the charts!
Moats family
The girls
Lewis family
The boys

Saturday, Chase, Famous and I went to the pumpkin festival in Hartsburg with our friends Adam, Stephanie and their kiddos, Madeline and Harper. James and Jaime joined us for a while too. We had a great time and Chase really enjoyed the people watching. He did really good in the wagon too...he just wanted to be moving all the time, unless he was we had frequent snack breaks too!

Lots of crafts vendors and food and drink vendors too. Parking was crazy though and we almost thought about coming back on Sunday. We drove for at least 3 miles watching car after car on the gravel roads, waiting for the next open space. No way were we walking that far...we couldn't even see where we were walking too. Luckily, we drove on and happened upon another line of parking, probably from the people who got there earlier and found some spots opening up. We probably walked about 10 minutes from there. But well worth it. We all had a good time.
Chase is continuing with his learning new things. The latest is the sounds that animals make....he knows the sound for cat, dog, tiger, cow and sometimes monkey! He cooperates about half of the time when we request the sounds from him but I swear I will get it on tape soon! He is so cute too when he does them!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009's been a while!

Mizzou Fan
Loves playing with blocks
Met G&G Stokes at G&D for lunch on Saturday....this was before it moved and he started crying!

The boys at Roots N Blues N BBQ

The girls at RBB

Time flies huh? It has been a while since I have been here. Part of the reason is I just haven't taken many pictures camera is never where I need it to be at the right time.

Mr Chase is doing good, although not feeling the best the last couple of days. We aren't quite sure what is wrong, we think maybe teething....when does it end? His sleeping has also been off for a couple of weeks now. He wakes early and while not quite awake, he is restless and whining in his crib for a while, then goes back to sleep, then starts in again. What happened to my good sleeper?? He started in at 3:30 this morning...his waking times just keep getting earlier and earlier by the day.

Chase had his first PAT of the new "school" year last week. His teacher Alice was very impressed with his range of words and his independent play. She also felt that he was understanding normal tasks, such as "pick up the toys", etc well and following through. I doubted her in May when she said he would likely have 75+ words by the time she came back in the fall, but I would say he is pretty darn close! We have alphabet flash cards that he loves to go through and he can identify more than half by saying the word. When I lay them all out, he can pick each of them out when I ask for them by name.