Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oops....it's been a while!

Mizzou Fan
Loves playing with blocks
Met G&G Stokes at G&D for lunch on Saturday....this was before it moved and he started crying!

The boys at Roots N Blues N BBQ

The girls at RBB

Time flies huh? It has been a while since I have been here. Part of the reason is I just haven't taken many pictures lately....my camera is never where I need it to be at the right time.

Mr Chase is doing good, although not feeling the best the last couple of days. We aren't quite sure what is wrong, we think maybe teething....when does it end? His sleeping has also been off for a couple of weeks now. He wakes early and while not quite awake, he is restless and whining in his crib for a while, then goes back to sleep, then starts in again. What happened to my good sleeper?? He started in at 3:30 this morning...his waking times just keep getting earlier and earlier by the day.

Chase had his first PAT of the new "school" year last week. His teacher Alice was very impressed with his range of words and his independent play. She also felt that he was understanding normal tasks, such as "pick up the toys", etc well and following through. I doubted her in May when she said he would likely have 75+ words by the time she came back in the fall, but I would say he is pretty darn close! We have alphabet flash cards that he loves to go through and he can identify more than half by saying the word. When I lay them all out, he can pick each of them out when I ask for them by name.

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