Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another lazy weekend

What??? I'm innocent!
Sweet smile
Preparing to slide
Trying out the new play equipment

Hi Mama!
Future Rams player
He is just like the cat, loves to get in places that he is too big for!!

Last weekend was another lazy weekend in the Lewis house. We got out a little but mostly puttered around the house. Mom and I went and picked up a Little Tikes climber/slide from Aunt Chris. Alison used it when she was little and they are letting us borrow it for a while. Chase loves it.....climbing, sliding, underneath it. He is having a great time with it.

Chase continues to get smarter and smarter each day (no bias here!). He has a book of animals that he can say by name about 1/2 of the animals but when you ask him what animal is which, he can point out about 99% of them. He is just repeating things left and right.....please, thank you, love you, just about anything you ask him to say, he attempts. He loves to try and help me cook. He was helping me mix pancake batter and loved it. I gave him his own bowl and tiny bit of raw mix, turned around and he was trying to eat it! He rarely wants you to feed him anymore, he wants to try it on his own. He loves watching cartoons and can say Spongebob, Diego and Dora when he sees them on TV. He loves to slide down the stairs on his belly to get to the bottom and thinks he has to hold the bannister when going up the stairs.

He is just growing before our eyes and becoming such a little man. He is going to be 2 before we know it!!

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