Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekend fun

Labor Day weekend was a nice vacation, although not near long enough! Seems like the weekends should really be longer!!

On Saturday, we had one last pool party at Stephanie's mom's house, but only a couple of the kids got in the pool. I didn't even bring Chase's trunks (although now I am discovering that they are no where to be found...). But the kids did enjoy running around and playing. Chase loved every single second of it! He was the youngest one there but he loves playing with the big kids and they were great about playing with him too! They played ball, blew bubbles, danced and chased each other. He definitely paid no attention to his parents!!

The all star at work...notice he slammed the tee of the ground in these shots!!

Chase and Harper enjoying snacks (Harper didn't want me to take his picture)

Susan blowing bubbles with the kids

Then the guys decided they needed to show off their basketball skills! I think they probably couldn't walk the next day though. Lots of pushing, shoving and a few falls!

Look at that pro form from Famous!
Sunday, we enjoyed dinner with Nana Joan and Aunt Kay. They barbequed some yummy steaks, beans, pasta salad and more. Very good. We enjoyed sitting outside on a beautiful day!!
Monday, we got out for a little while in the morning but spent the rest of the day at home, relaxing and vegging. Overall, a beautiful and fun weekend for all!

CWC - conversations with Chase!

More CWC from this morning!!

Chase was snuggling in bed with Famous when I got out of the shower this morning. He was yelling "mama, mama, mama" until I finally came out. He then proceeded to tell me "I need a bar and milt" (nutrigrain bar and milk). I told him I needed a kiss first. So he went to give me a kiss but got distracted in the meantime, then he said again he needed a "bar and milt". I asked him "well where is my kiss" and he pointed to his cheek and said "right here mama". Such a stinker! So I stole my kiss from him and told him one of these days he was going to have to get his own bar and milk and he said "nu-uh, I too heaby (heavy with a b)", but stopped in the middle and said "no I too short". He can open the refrigerator on his own but can't reach the shelves yet!! What a smarty pants!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer is ending.....

So I can't even believe that summer is ending. It seems like the days fly by (at least the weekends do!!) and it will be fall before we know it. This morning's weather was just fine by me. If it could be fall all year round, I would be a happy camper!!

We spent a little time downtown a couple of weekends ago and I snapped a few shots of the boy. He loved walking around exploring and of course playing in the water fountains!

Chase got his big boy bed this week and he is just doing awesome! I think it really was time for it. He seems to really like it. The transition was a breeze and completely surprised me, as I expected our stubborn little man to be a little more difficult. But he has gone to bed relatively easy each night, sleeps later than he ever has in the past, most mornings we have had to even wake him up! I really expected him to be up and playing after we put him to bed, but he hasn' least not that we know of!! Hopefully that all continues!

Ready for bed
Snoozing away!

The potty issue has not been revisited yet. When we tried about a month ago, he went through 11 pairs of big boy underwear in less than 5 hours. I just got the feeling that he is not ready. I feel inadequate in this area with working with him and the sitter doesn't seem to think he is really ready we feel a little lost in this area. I am sure we will try again soon though because he is getting more and more difficult with changing diapers. We try and rationally discuss that if he went pee in the potty we wouldn't have to change diapers...but yeah, not working!!
It amazes me the conversations we have with each other and how darn smart he is. The things he discovers on a daily basis and reports back to us is just amazing. Lately, he has been on this kick where he is noticing "noises" around the house, on TV or outside. We hear "what dat noithe?" about 50 times a day (his pronunciation of S's is pretty cute!!) now and he is so inquisitive. His next favorite question is "what is it?" when he fully knows what ever it is that he is asking about!! So then I have to ask him what it is and he tells me....what a turkey. He loves for us to record him singing or talking and then wants to watch the playback over and over. His expressions watching himself are so funny...he really gets a kick out of himself!!

His favorite things right now are transformers, monster trucks, blocks and sports. He loves to throw the football, kick the soccer ball and try and hit the baseball. Daddy even has him asking to watch Sportscenter in the mornings. Poor kid doesn't have a chance!!

Last weekend, Famous and I went with friends to the winery to celebrate my birthday. We enjoyed sitting outside and chatting and then decided to go play mini golf at Turkey Creek. We had a lot of fun...except for getting eaten alive by the was terrible!

James and Jaime

Steph and Adam

Looking forward to the Lake this weekend for the Stokes get together! We always have a good time. Hope the weather is nice and we get some pool and lake time!