Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekend fun

Labor Day weekend was a nice vacation, although not near long enough! Seems like the weekends should really be longer!!

On Saturday, we had one last pool party at Stephanie's mom's house, but only a couple of the kids got in the pool. I didn't even bring Chase's trunks (although now I am discovering that they are no where to be found...). But the kids did enjoy running around and playing. Chase loved every single second of it! He was the youngest one there but he loves playing with the big kids and they were great about playing with him too! They played ball, blew bubbles, danced and chased each other. He definitely paid no attention to his parents!!

The all star at work...notice he slammed the tee of the ground in these shots!!

Chase and Harper enjoying snacks (Harper didn't want me to take his picture)

Susan blowing bubbles with the kids

Then the guys decided they needed to show off their basketball skills! I think they probably couldn't walk the next day though. Lots of pushing, shoving and a few falls!

Look at that pro form from Famous!
Sunday, we enjoyed dinner with Nana Joan and Aunt Kay. They barbequed some yummy steaks, beans, pasta salad and more. Very good. We enjoyed sitting outside on a beautiful day!!
Monday, we got out for a little while in the morning but spent the rest of the day at home, relaxing and vegging. Overall, a beautiful and fun weekend for all!

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