Friday, September 10, 2010

CWC - conversations with Chase!

More CWC from this morning!!

Chase was snuggling in bed with Famous when I got out of the shower this morning. He was yelling "mama, mama, mama" until I finally came out. He then proceeded to tell me "I need a bar and milt" (nutrigrain bar and milk). I told him I needed a kiss first. So he went to give me a kiss but got distracted in the meantime, then he said again he needed a "bar and milt". I asked him "well where is my kiss" and he pointed to his cheek and said "right here mama". Such a stinker! So I stole my kiss from him and told him one of these days he was going to have to get his own bar and milk and he said "nu-uh, I too heaby (heavy with a b)", but stopped in the middle and said "no I too short". He can open the refrigerator on his own but can't reach the shelves yet!! What a smarty pants!

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