Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I a Artist

Chase story to share.....on Mother's Day, Chase comes into the bedroom and had a cup filled with dry beans and a plastic knife from his kitchen toys. As he dips his knife in the beans, he says "mama, I paint you" and begins to use his knife like a paint brush and "paint me". He asks what color I want my nose, hair, mouth, etc and some colors he has and others he is "all out of". He says "mama, I a artist, I paint people". I tell him that he needs to paint Daddy too....he goes to find him.....comes back with a frown on his face and says "daddy said I not have paint, I have beans". So I tell him to "you tell daddy we are just pretending"...he smiles and says okay!

How does he know what an artist is and what they do...such a smart cookie.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter, choo choo trains and Mother's Day

Less than a month since my last post...I consider that a success!! What's happened since then?? Lots of fun stuff. Easter was lots of fun this year with coloring and hiding eggs and Chase had a good time finding them too!! He got a fun dinosaur basket and some arts and crafts fun stuff, shovel and rake for his garden and a lunch box that he kept asking for...filled with M&M's. Of course, the Easter Bunny visited Nana's and Gamma and Papaw's houses he loved it!!

Finding the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid.

The sweet boys at Big Grandma's house. We enjoyed a yummy Easter dinner and some fun family time. The weather did not cooperate though, but the boys had us hiding eggs about 15 times...and loved every minute of it. Then they had to hide the eggs and let the other one find them! Below they are closing their eyes and counting while we hid the eggs.

The weekend following Easter, I had a staff retreat and was in Branson for three days. I got back home and spent some much needed time with my baby boy. The next morning, Chase and I went to Towne Grill for breakfast (to give Dad some much needed downtime!). We were going especially for the pancakes and then he gets there and sees Trix cereal and decides he wants that....until I get my pancakes, eggs and bacon and then he precedes to eat half of my breakfast too. What a ham....err...bacon! :) Then we decided to go down and watch for trains. He still loves, loves, loves trains. We did mostly watching and waiting but at the last minute a freight train was coming our way. It stopped up track for a minute and when it started again, he got so excited cause it was going slow enough that he could wave at the conductor (or ductor, as he says) and the conductor waved back at him. He got such a kick out of that...then he didn't want to leave!!

Whenever we have a nice evening, of course he wants to be outside playing..digging in dirt.....shoveling rocks.....drawing with sidewalk chalk....and more. Here he is showing off his gardening skills!

Piggy back that smile of his.

Picking flowers for mama

Jabbering nonstop....always got a millions questions to ask, things to say...he never stops!!

And his serious side!

Mother's Day was a nice sunny day this year. Started off with Chase getting up and going to get my he walked down the hall, he turned around and said...don't peek mama! He made me three lovely pictures, Daddy gave me a sweet note and then he and Chase cleaned out my car for me. It was great...I didn't ask for anything and I will take Chase's artwork and a sweet handwritten note any day over a Hallmark card. Oh...I ordered a few scrapbook supplies too....thanks Famous :)

We spent some time at Nana and KK's in the morning and had some fun outside taking pictures.

I have not had three year pictures taken for Chase...guess I ought to get around to that..oops!

My sweet being his mama so much!