Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I a Artist

Chase story to share.....on Mother's Day, Chase comes into the bedroom and had a cup filled with dry beans and a plastic knife from his kitchen toys. As he dips his knife in the beans, he says "mama, I paint you" and begins to use his knife like a paint brush and "paint me". He asks what color I want my nose, hair, mouth, etc and some colors he has and others he is "all out of". He says "mama, I a artist, I paint people". I tell him that he needs to paint Daddy too....he goes to find him.....comes back with a frown on his face and says "daddy said I not have paint, I have beans". So I tell him to "you tell daddy we are just pretending"...he smiles and says okay!

How does he know what an artist is and what they do...such a smart cookie.

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