Friday, July 1, 2011

I realize that I completely sound like a broken record....but I have to make time to do this. I love when I do, I love having a record of our family, I just need to do it!! Bear with me as I recall the last month or so from the Lewis household and try to stay awake through these 27 posts...


Famous and I went out to dinner and drinks with Jim and Beth. Nice to catch up as it has been a while since we got together. Funny how the conversation always leads back to Chase and Gavin. But it is so nice to have someone with a child so close to age as yours….especially now when they definitely are in a “terrible threes” stage….at least you can assume if they both are doing the same thing, that your child is normal and not a demon spawn!! Well, some days at least!!

The next day, we met up with them again, this time so the boys could play a little and take some pictures of them too. They had so much fun together and it is so fun to see them have their little conversations with each other too. We had lunch at Prison Brews outside and they had some space to play Thomas while we waited for the food, so that was nice.

Hey...what are you doing over there?

Dinosaurs on the prowl!

That evening, Chase and I went for a walk and passed some boys who were flying a kite and he remembered he had a Spiderman kite at home, so we had to go home and get that out! He loved playing with it and running back and forth. He had the biggest grin on his face and so happy to get that kite up in the air!! So cute! I was cheering him on as he ran back and forth, looking back to see his kite fly!

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