Friday, July 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend

May 28-30, 2011

Memorial Weekend wasn’t all that great this year for the Lewis family…but it was nice to be home and lounging a bit. Saturday started off with rain pretty much all day…so not fun. We got a decent sized blow up pool for the yard and Chase so badly wanted to swim in it but wasn’t gonna happy on Saturday. Saturday evening, Chase went to Gammaw and Papaw’s house to spend the night and Famous and I went with James and Jaime to see Hangover II. It was pretty good….hard to top the first one, but it was pretty good overall. After the movie, we went to Santa Cruz…ate too much and then we were too pooped to party! Oh well, such is life.

Saturday morning, we had to fill up the pool and get some swim time. The water was freezing…but Chase didn’t mind. He is definitely a water bug! After a 3 ½ hr nap, we woke him up to go to Nana’s for dinner, but he seemed very tired and just out of it. He didn’t want to eat at Nana’s and wanted to snuggle with me most of the time. I knew that was not a good sign. He doesn’t stop for much, but that is his one sign of not feeling well. One the way home, we stopped for ice cream and he didn’t even want that…should have known what was coming. Half way home, he got sick in the car….poor guy…he gets so upset when it happens. We had to pull over, undress him and try to get him cleaned up. He got to ride home in the back with just a seat belt because the car seat was “icky” (his words!) and on a normal day, he would have thought it was pretty cool…but he did not feel good. We got home, got a back and snuggled in for the night.

Monday morning, he woke with a temperature again but that wasn’t gonna stop him from getting in the pool for a little while. Think he wore out quickly though and we were inside again and resting. Poor guy, he would have times when he wanted to play and then he was ready to climb back up and snuggle with me. I won’t lie…I love it…just hate that he has to be sick to get that time!

All smiles for a popsicle.

Still feeling a little under the weather

On Saturday, we began some serious potty training with Chase. Up to this point, we had tried on several occasions, but had been of the mindset that it would happen when he was ready…but it wasn’t looking good. Happy to report that he went potty twice on Saturday (never had done “anything” while sitting on the potty before) and we were delighted. Of course, Saturday night, he fought Gammaw and Papaw on sitting on the potty, but we started back on Sunday. He came to us on Sunday and said he had to potty and we got there in time and he pottied!! So proud of him…we made a huge deal of it and he has a box of toys that he gets to pick out one each time he is successful….so he loves that.

So that was our weekend in a nutshell!

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