Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fourth of July fun

Fourth of July weekend

This holiday weekend we laid low and stayed home. It was really nice and relaxing and made the weekend go by really slow…which was great! It was terribly hot and humid out and we were not really up for melting outside!!

Friday night, Famous mowed the lawn and I trimmed trees and Chase played outside…ohhh…we are exciting, huh? We sweated our butts off for sure….it was hot! Saturday, I got some mommy time and headed to Columbia for a few hours for a little shopping. That evening we headed out to pick up some dinner and got a few fireworks for Chase and Famous. We didn’t get too much, but enough that Chase has caught the firework bug for sure. He wanted to do more and more. He enjoyed the sparklers and the parachute trooper the best…the black snakes, not so much! He liked the poppers too…of course, what kid doesn’t!!

That face cracks me up!!

Sunday we did our usual grocery shopping and headed to Nana’s house for some dinner. Some of Famous’ family from Atlanta, St Louis and Columbia were in town and it was nice to visit with them for a while. A few of them had not yet seen Chase, so that is always fun. Famous and I went downtown for a few beverages, but didn’t stay out late. We decided we are Friday night people…we are not up hanging on Sunday nights!! When we got back home Sunday night, the neighborhood was going crazy with fireworks and we had about 6 different shows going on. We late Chase stay up late and watch them outside. He had a ball!

Monday morning Mommy got to sleep in til 9….it was wonderful….and sad that I still didn’t want to get up then! We enjoyed some family time, took a couple of JC roadtrips through the day and visited Gammaw and Papaw that evening for a little while. Then it was time for bed and back to the grind the next day. But it was a nice relaxing weekend and I will take another one like that anytime!

Not sure how many of you have heard of this, but Chase loves the cartoon "Calliou". It is on PBS and I am pretty sure he likes it so much because it is about a little boy about his age and I know Chase very much relates to him. He is always wanting to mimic what Calliou does and so here is the montage of the many things he wanted to do to be just like Calliou this weekend.

He wanted to have Chase's Pizzaria and we put on our apron, made a chef's hat to wear, got out the rolling pin and made some pizza!!

Couldn't resist this one!

Next Calliou wanted to be a drummer in a band and so......Chase did too. He wore his hat backwards and we had three pots for drums and colored pencil drumsticks! He is so imaginative!!

Lastly, he wanted to be Bob the Builder...of course, wearing the hard hat and fixing the clothes basket. The boy loves his Bob the Builder too!!

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