Tuesday, July 19, 2011

June comes to an end

June 20-26, 2011

Chase’s babysitter needed another week to recuperate and so Mr Man was home with me again this week. I am so glad my job is so accommodating when things like this happen and am so lucky that I didn’t have anything out of town that I needed to attend and was able to stay home with him. We did more of the same as the previous week, but lucked out and had a couple of play dates with Gavin…one at the park and one at the pool! The boys just love getting together and have so much fun playing. They do really good too, with an occasional push or shirt pull! Hey, they are boys…it’s expected, right??

Friday evening, Famous and I got out for a quick date night and had some appetizers and drinks. I so enjoy that time with him. It is so hard to have a complete conversation at home or in the car with Mr. Motor Mouth in toll….he gabs nonstop….and I love it, but he interrupts when we are trying to talk, or calls from another room needing the channel changed or something to eat or drink, or he is in your conversation, always asking “you talking bout me?”. I love that this is his personality and he makes us laugh constantly, but sometimes it would be nice to string 6 words together to speak a complete sentence!!

Saturday, we hung around the house and put Chase down for an early nap because we had a birthday party to go to….and there was going to be bounce houses!! He woke up from his nap asking if it was time to go to Kenadie’s birthday party. Imagine his surprise when we got there and there were two bounce houses….including a castle with a slide. The last time (and all previous times) that Chase has been in a bounce house…he freezes up and gets scared to move. He doesn’t want to bounce or even move. He really was like that with anything where he felt out of control or unstable…swings, slides, tall playground equipment and bounce houses. I was really getting worried about it and hoped he would grow out of it as he got older. Luckily he seems to have turned a corner with it and basically overnight, he is climbing tall ladders and sliding down big slides and now has conquered his fear of bounce houses. Truthfully, I think he finally just did it and decided it was actually fun and not scary!!

Back to the party…he played and played and played nonstop for two hours in those bounce houses….his hair was full curls because of the sweat and humidity! Of course, he had three sno-cones to cool down between bouncing, but he had such a good time and there were lots of little kids to play with…so he was in heaven! Sunday, Famous did some yard work and Chase and I played in the sprinklers and got some sun.

Chase and Gavin at the pool...such hams!

Down the slide with Jayden

Yum...sno cones!

Sprinkler plus play gym equals WATERSLIDE!!

June 29, 2011

Famous is a huge Keith Urban fan and so when I found out he was coming to St Louis, I knew we had to get tickets and it was perfect timing for a Father’s Day gift too. I have not been to a “real” concert ever (unless you count seeing Garth Brooks and George Strait at the state fair…and I don’t!!). Famous went to see Beastie Boys and Run DMC when he was 15 but I think that was the last one he saw too. Boy…have concerts changed over the years!! I like Keith Urban, know a few of his songs but that is about it….but having said that…it was an awesome concert! We had a really good time and I loved it and so did Famous…we want to go to more!! It was really neat because although we had decent seats, he also went and performed on platforms in the middle of the audience and imagine our surprise when he ended up about twenty seats and two rows up from us!! It was so cool. I just might have to burn a couple of his CD’s now.

When he was two rows away...blurry, but I like the effect!

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