Wednesday, October 6, 2010

September happenings

The months just completely seem to fly by these days. I haven't been back here since September 10th...oops!
Since then, we had a great time at the Lake for our Annual Stokes Lake Weekend. The boys had such a fun time together and they really played so good too. Just a few minor squabbles over the same toys, but all and all they did great. It was very enjoyable for us to spend time with everyone.
Doesn't he look like he is on his way to high school :)
Loving on Baby Harper...they would just not leave him alone...they are ready for him to play with them!!
On the run!
Watching for ducks
Best buds...I think Beth got a better picture than I did!!
The last weekend in September we went to Oktoberfest in Old Munichberg with Nana and James and Jaime. Chase had lots of fun playing the different games and riding in the fire truck. He won enough tickets to get some books and a pinwheel, so he was happy. He actually got into the bounce house, which is a big first for him, but essentially froze when he got inside. Maybe next time bud!! I got a cute video of him dancing to some German music too.
Holding his ticket and waiting in line to play a game
Spinning the wheel for prizes

Riding in the fire truck...he probably had all the switches and buttons messed up when it was all said and done.
His newest dance video is below....:)

We have been spending time blowing bubbles at Gamma's lately after I pick him up at the babysitters. He loves to chase them and pop them and run into them with his head too. Crazy kid!
A video of him "chase"ing bubbles!!

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Anonymous said...

The boy has rythm! When the tempo sped up, so did he! He amazes me sometimes. Like, where did that come from? Love, Gammaw.