Monday, December 1, 2008

Wonderful Thanksgiving

Playing drums with the Elvis snarl....
Under the jumperoo again!
The boys with aunt Steph
Gavin and Chase
Grandma Joan and Chase
Aunt Kay and Chase
Chase and Grandpa on the tractor

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving....we did! We enjoyed two yummy dinners and as usual, stuffed ourselves. Chase enjoyed his first Thanksgiving dinners...plural...he was stuffed too! He loved it all...turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, gravy, jello, pumpkin much so that I think he is now boycotting the jar food. He was not having the turkey and rice from the jar I tried to feed him on Saturday night. So he had some of Grandma Joans leftovers and loved it...funny to see him turn up his nose at one thing and devour the next thing! So that meant some different shopping on Sunday. We got him some whole wheat waffles, pancakes, fruit, frozen veggies, soup, etc. Sunday, I tried some cut up pears that he did not like...maybe the texture of it?? So then he had some mashed up banana that he loved. For dinner, some of my potato soup and applesauce. I think he is in heaven!! No turning back now!!
Every morning now we find Chase standing up in his crib waiting for us, which is something he hadn't done, even though he has been pulling up on furniture for a while. Teeth # 7 & 8 have cut through, but I think they are still hurting him, poor guy. Thursday and Friday were great days for him but Saturday and Sunday he was a little cranky. I think it was a mixture of the teeth and the fact that he was sick of looking at his Mom and Dad for 4 days...we just are not nearly as entertaining as the kids at daycare!!

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