Monday, November 24, 2008

9 months and two more teeth

Playing with his computer
Mr Serious
There's that smile
I promise I'm being good Mom!

Getting toys out of his toybox
Bucky beaver :)...looks like he has one tooth!!
...sacked out in mom & dad's bed

Chase celebrated his 9 month birthday last week!! Last week was not great, he was sick again with a runny nose and cough this time. He wasn't sleeping very good, so we propped him up on pillows in bed with us and he slept much better. He is finally getting over it and has felt much better the last couple of days, except he now has cut two more teeth on the bottom. They at least cut through pretty quick though.

Today was his 9 month check and he weighed 22lbs 13 ozs and was 29 1/4 inches long. He is in the 75th to 90th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height and head a well proportioned boy! He actually weighed the same as he did when I had him in for a cold about 6 weeks ago, which Dr Rogers said was normal now that he is moving around a lot more and will probably gain at a slower pace for a while....good thing, he is outgrowing everything!! Oh well, gotta eat!! He got the go ahead for more table foods and soft meats, so it looks like he gets some Thanksgiving turkey!

He is babbling a lot these days, saying lots of dadadada but very few mamamamas...darn it! He is pulling up on everything, standing against furniture and even moving along the furniture very slowly. He does well getting himself back down to the ground too. He has to be whereever we are at all times and doesn't like being alone in a room for long. He likes to give you things when you ask for them and then he holds his hand out to get it back!! He will crawl over whatever is in front of him to get where he wants, including toys, the cat, mom & dad, etc.

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