Monday, November 3, 2008

Calling me out....

Gavin @ Ria's
Chase @ Ria's
Big boy in the tub
My little monkey
Jaime & Chase
Grandma Joan & Chase
Dad & Chase
I know, haven't been here in a while....just too busy. Chase was sick last week, so no really prime picture taking moments....unless you like snot and boogers...I know, that was bad!! Anyway, he is feeling better and seems to be coming around finally.
He is 37 weeks old, time really does fly...hard to believe he is about to hit the 9 month mark. He is really getting to be so active...he did his first true crawling on Halloween. He will take 4-5 "crawls" but when he flops on his belly, it is back to the army crawl or the worm...but he has got the concept down for sure!! We have to start putting the gate up all the time now, cause if you walk out of the room, he is gone in a flash and gets himself into some tight spaces. He is doing "patty cake" like a champ, waving bye every once in a while and picking up food and actually getting it to his mouth!! He loves to play with his toys and torture the cat, but Myth is being a good sport about it! He graduated to the big tub and seems to like it, especially with some new toys.
Yesterday, we went to dinner at Ria's for Great Grandma Stokes' birthday and then to Mom and Dad's for cake and ice cream afterwards. The boys had a good time entertaining everyone!

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