Monday, November 10, 2008

Such a little man

On the go!
Little man
How many pictures are you gonna take Mom?
Coming after the camera!
Chase is becoming quite the little these pictures show...doesn't he look like he could be 2 years old?? He is getting really good at crawling and he is out of your sight in a flash now. He is also getting up on his knees, pulling up on furniture and last night he stood up while holding onto the ottoman. This is happening just a little too fast for me...where did my little bitty baby go??

Not many pics this week...I worked most of the weekend with a MDA meeting and then had things to do on Sunday too...seems like it was just Friday. How time will be Christmas before you know it!

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Another Stokes said...

I see you guys got a jumparoo... hope the little man likes it as much as our little man.