Monday, December 22, 2008

Visiting Santa

Chase and Santa
The bruiser

A few Christmas decorations

We finally got to go see Santa this weekend. Chase did really good, he sat in his lap and just kept looking up at him, wondering, who is this guy. After a couple of looks, he started wimpering and turning that lip out...but never I swooped him off his lap before he could get to scared. Then we just stood and talked to him for a while.

Otherwise, the weekend went way to fast again. I got some presents wrapped Friday, worked on Saturday, trip to Walmart and the mall Sunday, dinner at Mom and Dads and it was time to start all over again. Looking forward to a long weekend together and Chase's first Christmas. I am starting to worry we won't have room to move at home after it is all over....I am pretty sure the Grandma's went way overboard and Santa probably did too!! Oh well, that is what is so fun about Christmas!!

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