Monday, September 8, 2008

Two weeks ago

Me and Dad at the park
Me and mom too!
Chewing and showing off teeth
Trying out the sippy cup
So Bev called me out for being a slacker....I am two weeks late. Work has been busy busy, I got a promotion to the meetings director, so I will be doing all meeting planning but I am still the membership director overseeing all things membership too. Plus we are a man down, so that is my excuse.

Let's see....two weeks ago....Chase is doing good, we thought he was teething ago, evidenced by all the chewing and drooling he is doing on everything he can put in his mouth. Last weekend, we went and walked around Memorial Park and he loved it. That boy loves anything outside. He is eating like a champ and has now tried green beans, peaches and sweet peas too. Pretty much likes anything we give him. One day he turned his nose up at the green beans so we gave him the bottle first, then he was fine with them afterword. He tried out the sippy cup too and did pretty good. He has also had some french fries and baked potato too...lovin the potatoes like his mom...amazingly he hasn't got to try the mashed potatoes to get on that!

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