Monday, September 15, 2008

30 weeks......

Captain Drool...fitting for this boy!
Sweet smiles
Pick me up Daddy!
Some baby shower invites I am doing for a friend

30 weeks old today, closing in on 7 months this week! Still can't believe how he has become such a little man and has his own personality. He is just getting so big and learning new things. He is sitting great now and is doing some major rocking on his hands and knees. Grandma and Grandpa have been trying to show him how to crawl...but he is still not there yet. He loves being toted around everywhere. He is starting to get a little lovey when he is tired, I have so been waiting for that. Last night he spent an hour just kicked back cuddling with us and it was so sweet. He was in the chair with Famous and I would look over at him and he would see me and just give this sweet is so dang cute! He is still not doing good at night...he goes down fine at 7 but then is up between 10-11 and then 3-4. He won't take his pacifier anymore and they only thing that calms him is a small bottle, then he goes back to sleep. Short of letting him cry, we are not sure what to do. I hope this is just a phase.... I think his teeth are still bothering him too. They are taking much longer to come out than the bottom two did.

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