Monday, September 8, 2008


Pooped on the way home
Hat # 1
Hat # 2
I can sit
Playing in the clothes tub

I have three posts with lots of pictures, so keep scrolling....

Yesterday, we headed back to town around 1o:30. Chase was sacked out in the car and unbelievably, he slept til 1:00...I kept checking on him. I think he was just plain wore out. The he was up from 1-3 and played and then fell asleep with me again. Poor guy....he was just tired and not feeling well. It seems like the only time he wants to be cuddled and loved on is when he is sick.

With the cool spell from the weekend, I decided I better get out his fall clothes that I had packed up and see what we were working with. I think he is going to have plenty of clothes, with the exception of maybe a few sleepers or pjs. We had to try on some winter hats of course and then threw him in the clothes tub too!!

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