Monday, September 8, 2008

Getting back on track

Hey, I think I know you from somewhere!
Another picture, mom?
Hey, who's got my ear???
He's got me!
Help, mom, save me!
Mr. Gavin

Now posting from last week and the weekend.....

Last week, Chase seemed to be doing well and getting better from his cold. Less sneezing and stuffy nose. At least he was back to sleeping in the crib sans the car seat and pretty much sleeping all night again. Friday, we went down to the lake for the Stokes "weekend after Labor Day" weekend. We shared a condo/cabin with Jim, Beth and Gavin. They had a lot of fun just looking at each was the first time they have really got to spend any extended time together. Everyone can't wait for next year when they will be running around. The boys did really good and we didn't wake each other up at least..... It was kind of cool down there and I totally packed wrong for the weekend. But I did have a few things for Chase to wear. The condo was kind of musty and stuff, so we all came back with stuffy noses and sneezing again. Mr Man IS cutting two more teeth on top like we thought. I am glad we are doing two at a time, cause I hate seeing him go through that. He has been tugging at his ear too, so I am hoping he does not have an ear infection.

Chase is sitting like a pro now and doing much better with his balance from side to side, he is also getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth too. Mostly, he is scooting backwards, but he is getting the hang of it. This weekend, he got to try all kinds of fun foods, mostly because he wanted something to chew on with his more french fries, baked potato, cantelope, celery, green pepper, coffee cake...must explain the terrible diapers he has been having!!

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