Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

His new favorite pose...pick me up!
Trying the new crawling move
With Great Grandma Stokes

Busy, busy again this week. Work is kicking my butt, but at least the day flies by. Chase is still working on crawling, although he has a new move now....he hikes up his one leg like he is going to move forward, but then he just rolls on his side from there. It is pretty funny to watch. He is still working on his two top teeth, they are coming in much slower than the first two...and he has his grumpy days with them. Sleeping is getting a little better, he is still waking but he is going back to sleep without eating, although he isn't always happy about it. He is eating like no tomorrow and loves everything he can get his hands on...the grandmas are into giving him the good stuff (cookies, ice cream, peach cobbler) but he really still loves anything you give him. He is growing like a leaf and I would love to see what his stats are....he is getting close to needing a new carseat because he is approaching the weight limit of his current one! And he is getting so long too! We are getting closer and closer to the wedding with lots of little things to wrap up, so I am just a little crazy around here!!

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