Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy (6 month) Birthday Chase!

So little man is 6 months old today...can't hardly believe it. I remember looking through his shower presents when he was 3 weeks old wondering if he would ever fit into some of the 6-9 month clothes....well he has outgrown most of those already! Tomorrow we go for his appt and shots, so I will get his stats then. I am anxious to see where he is now! I got some rice rusk crackers and arrowroot biscuits for Chase and some baby food in preparation of the green light to go to solid foods tomorrow. He had some rice rusks (as shown in the pictures) this weekend and seemed to like them. He has really made progress with sitting up and trying to crawl just this week. It's so amazing to see him do a little better each day.


Another Stokes said...

Awe, what a big boy... happy 6 months Chase!!!

marystokes813 said...

Granny thinks you look really cool in your shades! The pacifier detracts a little but you're still my sweet bugaboo!